What Are Account Levels in Fortnite and How To Earn Them

Account Levels in Fortnite are a measure of a player’s overall progress in the game. They are calculated by adding up all of the Battle Pass levels that a player has achieved over the course of their Fortnite career.

Account Levels are displayed in the Career tab of the game, and they can be used to compare a player’s progress to other players.

There are a few different ways to earn Account Levels in Fortnite. The most common way is to level up your Battle Pass. You can do this by completing challenges, playing matches, and earning XP. You can also earn Account Levels by completing Milestones, which are special challenges that reward you with XP.

Account Levels do not have any impact on gameplay, but they can be a way to show off your progress in Fortnite. They can also be used to unlock certain rewards, such as cosmetic items and XP boosts.

How to Earn Account Levels in Fortnite

To earn account levels you just need to level up in the current season of Fortnite. The most common way is to simply play the game and complete matches.

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You will earn XP for each match you play, and the amount of XP you earn will increase based on your performance in the match.

You can also earn XP by completing challenges, such as daily challenges, weekly challenges, and seasonal challenges. Finally, you can also earn XP by purchasing Battle Passes.

Battle Passes offer a variety of rewards, including new skins, emotes, and weapons. However, they also offer a significant amount of XP that can help you level up your account quickly.

You can also purchase levels from the in-game shop.

What are the Benefits of Having a High Account Level?

Having a high account level in Fortnite does not give you any in-game advantages. However, it is a good way to show off your dedication to the game. Additionally, some rewards, such as certain cosmetic items, are only available to players who have reached a certain account level.

How to Check Your Account Level in Fortnite

Fortnite Account Levels
Epic Games

To check your account level in Fortnite, follow these steps:

  1. Open the game and head to the lobby.
  2. Click on the “Career” tab.
  3. Your account level will be displayed in the top right corner of the screen.
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Account Levels are a fun way to track your progress in Fortnite. They are also a way to show off your dedication to the game. There are a few different ways to earn account levels, so find a method that works best for you and start levelling up today!

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