What Does Faith Do in Elden Ring? Explained

In Elden Ring, eight different stats can be upgraded by Runes to lift your health, defense, damage, and more. Here we are discussing Faith stat. Every stat has its use.

The faith stats will contribute a major role in the effectiveness of your character and the weapons. If you don’t know how faith stat will help you in Elden Ring then go through the article and know everything about what faith does in Elden Ring.

What is Faith Stat in Elden Ring?

Faith is also represented as FTH and it’s one of the eight stat of the Elden Ring. In Elden Ring, faith stat will help you to heal yourself, deal damage, cure status effects, objects, and more.

You can do all with the incantation, incantation is a type of magic spell that can help you to improve character health, defense, damage, and more.

You can cast incantation through Sacred seals, and weapons with a minimum number of levels, in the process also requires some death and thorn sorceries.

To use any weapons in Elden Ring, the weapons should fulfill minimum stat requirements before equipping it. Many spell-based weapons either required faith stat or intelligence stat some spell-based weapons required both.

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In the Elden Ring the weapons have different grading as per their quality. Any weapons cast with faith stat, when the faith stat increases the effectiveness and damages death by Incantations.

You can use the runes to level up the faith stat at sites of grace. You can upgrade the faith level and have new weapons and Incantations. On non-faith weapons, you can use the Faith Scaling by Faith-based Ashes of War combined with Sanctified and Red-Hot Whetblade.

Which items can help to boost Faith?

As you know to equip any weapons and Incantation you need to have enough faith stat. If you don’t have enough Faith stats you don’t have to worry about you can upgrade your faith stats. Several things can help you to increase your Faith stat.

Don’t rush in upgrading Faith stat. If you upgrade, the other items’ stat may be reduced or add any complications.

Still, you can use these things to boost Faith:

  1. Two fingers Heirloom Talisman: +5 FTH
  2. Marika’s Soreseal Talisman: + 5 Faith, intelligence, Mind, and Arcane & taken damage increase by 15%
  3. Marika’s Scarseal Talisman: + 3 Faith, intelligence, Mind, and Arcane & increase damage taken by 10%
  4. Imp Head Helmet: +2 FTH
  5. Haligtree Knight Helm helmet: Raises Faith by two: +2 FTH
  6. Haligtree Helm helmet: +1 FTH
  7. Sacred Crown Helm helmet: + 1 FTH
  8. Ruler’s Mask helmet: +1 FTH
  9. Commoner’s Simple Garb chest armor: +1 FTH
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Boost your faith with the above-listed item. The mentioned items are also easy to find in the Elden ring. You can find Two Fingers Heirloom at the purified Ruins of Liurnia.

You can find Marika’s Scarseal Talisman at Siofra River, and you can have Commoner’s Simple Garb at Stormveil castle. The other listed items you can find are in Haligtree, Altus Plateau, and Leyndell.

Faith scaling weapons types

There are different types of weapons we mentioned over here.

  1. Dagger
    • Black Knife
    • Blade of calling
    • Erdsteel dagger
  1. Straight swords
    • Coded sword
    • Golden Epitaph
    • Miquellan Knight’s Sword
    • Sword of Night and Flame
  1. Greatsword
    • Blasphemous blade
    • Golden order greatsword
    • Inseparable sword
    • Ordovis’s Greatsword
    • Sacred Relic Sword
  1. Colossal swords
    • Godslayer’s greatsword
    • Maliketh’s black blade
  2. Curved Swords
    • Eclipse shotel
    • Magma blade
  1. Curved Greatsword
    • Magma Wyrm’s Scalessword
  2. Twinblade
    • Gargoyle’s black blades
  3. Greataxe
    • Gargoyle’s black Axe
  4. Hammer
    • Envoy’s horn
    • Marika’s hammer
  1. Great hammer
    • Beastclaw great hammer
    • Carnival vessel candle stand
    • Envoy’s Longhorn
  1. Colossal weapon
    • Envoy’s greathorn
    • Staff of the avatar
    • Troll’s hammer
  1. Spear
    • Cleanrot spear
    • Inquisitor’s Girandole
  1. Great spear
    • Siluria’s tree
    • Treespear
    • Vyke’s war spear
  1. Halberd
    • Gargoyle’s black halberd
    • Golden Halberd
  1. Reaper
    • Halo Scythe
    • Winged Scythe
  1. Whip
    • Giant’s red braid
    • Magma Whip candlestick
  1. First
    • Cipher pata
    • Grafted Dragon
  1. Bow
    • Erdtree Bow
  1. Greatbow
    • Erdtree greatbow
  1. Glintstone Staff
    • Gelmir Glintstone stone
    • Prince of Death’s staff
    • Staff of the guilty
  1. Sacred seal
    • Clawmark seal
    • Dragon communion seal
    • Erdtree seal
    • Finger seal
    • Frenzief seal
    • Giant’s seal
    • Godslayer’s seal
    • Golden order seal
  1. Torch
    • Sentry’s Torch
    • St. Trina’s Torch
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That’s all you need to know about what does faith do in Elden Ring. You can increase the faith and that faith level you can use to cast spells and incantations. You can use it for weapons and character development in Elden Ring.

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