I Put a Spell on you? Fallout New Vegas Guide

One of the quests in the game known as Fallout: New Vegas is “ I put a spell on you”. Many have an issue in order to complete this quest.

The quest is quite difficult yet interesting. Thus, we bring to you a detailed step to step guide on how to complete the side quest of “I put a spell on you”. But before jumping into the procedure there are some prerequisites you need to understand.

Till the time you are going for the side of quest of I put a spell on you should know that Camp McCarren has died. You should also know that an agent is giving all the insights and giving valuable information to Caesar’s Legion about the troop movements of NPCs.

So, if you are one of them looking for a guide in order to complete the I put a spell on you, stick to the article till the very end to know every little detail, which would help you to complete this quest.

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How To Complete “I put a spell on you” Side Quest

There are various steps that you need to follow in order to complete this quest. Before getting into the quest you should be loaded with a high amount of explosives.

  1. You need to first visit Colonel Hsu and then report to Curtis for the details.
  2. Then, speak to Boyed and get all the options for breaks, and stolen items.
  3. You should then go towards the doors which lead you to the towers, and tell any of your companions to just wait.
  4. Wait until the clock hits 12 AM.
  5. When it is 12.10 AM sneak out, and go to the wall on your left in sneak mode. You will be able to see Captain Curtis going toward the tower.
  6. You should then follow Curtis all the way to the tower. Make sure he does not catch you or else he would announce an alert on the radio.
  7. Enter the tower but do not move. Eavesdrop on the conversation and wait.
  8. You should then move back to the terminal and once you are outside jump on the railing. Move until you get to the opening of the car. Once you are inside you should go to the vent, and then press the action in order to disarm the bomb.
  9. In the final steps, you need to exit the car and get back to the railing till you reach the door.
  10. Then, finally you need to go down and speak to Colonel Hsu and inform him that the traitor is Curtis. This would complete the mission if I put a spell on you.
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Thus, these steps and well tried and tested, and will work every time. Make sure to follow each step carefully in order to complete the mission in one go. This is end of this guide for more related content do check our Fallout: New Vegas guides.