What Does Fish Hook Tickler Mean in Tiktok?

What does the fish hook tickler handshake mean? Do you have so many questions about this handshake? I have researched and will tell you everything about this handshake.

This handshake went viral on the Tiktok app when one user posted a video showing how to do the fish hook tickler handshake. After that video, people around the globe started seeing it and making similar videos.

So what does it mean? People have different opinions about it some say it’s weird, some say it’s a scary interaction, some say it’s intimidating, and some say it’s offensive. Let’s look into the depths of this handshake.

What is the Fish Hook Tickler Handshake?

Fish Hook Tickler Means Tiktok
fish hook tickler

This trend first started in the titok world and went viral when a tiktok user with the handle @mrwhitethunder55 first posted a video where he was showing the mechanism and hand movement of the handshake with directions on how you can do it, and this went viral.

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In the video, he was tickling his fingers during the handshake, and that’s where the Fish Hook Tickler is derived from. You can watch the video and understand the meaning. 

After that, many people started doing the same, and there are several compilations of the fish hook tickler handshake.

This topic has spread worldwide. People do not use this handshake in different ways for example, in the TikTok video, he did it using his home slices, adding the names precisely.

What does Fishhooking mean, Urban Dictionary?

According to the urban dictionary, fish hooking is putting one or both hands’ fingers into the mouth and pulling. It often refers to a quick jab to your jawbone, like catching a fish by hook.

Similarly, the gesture is similar to a fish shape handshake, also known as the fish hook tickler, performed by joining hands, but the middle finger is used to tickle the palm.

This is done while shaking hands with someone and giving them a palm tickle with your middle finger, and this could mean several things.

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But it is often taken as an offensive gesture. Fishhooking is also used in wrestling or fighting sports; however, it is now illegal in the U.F.C. or WWE as to how painful it is.