What Does ‘S’ Mean on Snapchat? Explained

If you’re a daily user of the Snapchat application then you have come across lots of slang words, and emojis, used by lots of Snapchat users while communicating with each other. Here we cover the information on what does S mean on Snapchat that might come in handy for you.

What is the S Mean on Snapchat Application?

If you ever got an empty snap with an S letter and you start wondering what is the meaning of that snap. Well, don’t worry you’re not the only one on Snapchat that got these types of snaps from other Snapchat users.

The meaning of the S on Snapchat is “Streaks“. On Snapchat, this means you make sure don’t forget your friend whenever you use the Snapchat app. Mainly, Streaks mean whenever two Snapchat users send snaps to each other for 3 days back to back.

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The Streak is usually larger compare to other snaps and there are lots of types of streak snaps available on Snapchat for users.

Why Streak Snap is used on Snapchat?

You cannot able to send S snap on Snapchat in simple words Streak snaps are regular snaps that two users send to each other to maintain their streak. You need to send Streak snaps to other users within 24 hours to main your streak.

So whoever you get S snap on your Snapchat account that means that users want to maintain the streak with you on Snapchat for 3 days.

How To Send Streak Snap on Snapchat?

So if you’re planning to maintain your Streak on Snapchat then you need to send the Streak Snap to other Snapchat users.

For this, you need to send the Snap with S on it. More importantly, you can also send Streak snaps to other Snapchat users to start a streak for 3 days to have fun. If they send you Streak snap in return then you need to continue this for 3 days.

what s mean on snapchat

The easiest way to send a Streak snap on Snapchat is by simply using the Draw feature on the Snapchat application. First, click a snap and then choose the Pen icon given on the right sidebar. This will enable the Draw feature. After that draw the large S on the snap and send to your Snapchat friend.

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This is the end of this guide, hopefully, you find this short guide helpful to know what is the meaning of S snap on Snapchat. For more similar content do check our Snapchat guide panel.