What Happened to Chris Tyson? Where is he right now

Chris Tyson has been a part of the YouTuber Mr. Beast’s team, and his recent remarks have led him to get fired from the team. Although these are just rumors, no official statement has been made yet.

Mr. Beast has made a name for himself through his consistent hard work and charitable stunts. He is considered one of the most influential YouTubers currently. Unlike other YouTubers, his unique approach to creating content and videos has earned him great fame, and he is a role model to millions of fans and followers. 

If you want to know more about what happened between Christ and Mr. Beast, I have prepared a guide for you below, so stay tuned.

Chris Tyson now
Chris Tyson

What happened to Chris Tyson and Mr. Beast? 

This month Chris Tyson posted a tweet on his Twitter account regarding his taking therapy for hormone replacement and how it’s saved his life and those of others. Soon this news spread like fire across social media, mainly because he is a famous media personality, part of Mr Beast’s team.

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This news also came with hate and toxic comments towards Tyson from the transphobic community. A rumor also surfaced that Chris has now been fired from Mr. Beast’s team due to his recent remarks.

Other competitor creators also sparked the news with more rumors and comments. Comments from any side have yet to come as these news are just rumors and nothing else.

Chris and Mr. Beast have kept silent on this matter, and it has been over a week since Chris last posted any content on his channel. We can expect to see fewer of these two due to hateful comments flooding their comment section, so it is understandable that they might want to take a break from the spotlight.