What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s Wife Georgina Rodriguez Age?

Cristiano Ronaldo recently talked about the first few encounters he and Georgina had, and he was all praise for his girlfriend. In the premiere episode of the debut season of “I Am Georgina,” Ronaldo and Rodriguez, for the first time, shared their initial interactions and how they felt during those times.

Georgina also recalled the time that the couple went for dinner one night, and Ronaldo had to go to practice the other day. It was because Ronaldo did not eat dinner the night before when he had a match the next day.

The couple first started dating when Ronaldo was around 31 years and Georgina Rodriquez age was just 22 years old. The maturity she saw in Ronaldo was what kept her interested in him.

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez’s age difference and early moments

In the first episode, Ronaldo said that he found Georgina to be very attractive for her age, and him being around nine years older than her, was hooked by her from the beginning.

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Georgina also shared fancy details about when the two of them first started dating together. She recalled Ronaldo coming to pick her up from work in his fancy cars. Ronaldo considered the act normal as he thought he wouldn’t pick up his girlfriend in a taxi or car.

Rodriguez also revealed how she ate dinner twice in one day when Ronaldo called to meet her for dinner, but she already ate her dinner but still went for it because she was excited to meet him.