What Happened to Robbie McKinley? How did he die 

The sudden death of Robbie McKinley has left everyone around the world sorrowful. Let’s know what the cause of his death was. Learn more about Robbie Mckinley in this article I created by collecting information from various Forums, interviews, and articles. 

Robbie Mckinley was a talented Skateboarder who hailed from Southern California. He rose to popularity for his unique style. He had a creative approach to skateboarding. 

Robbie, unfortunately, passed away two years ago, and since then, the skateboarding community has been mourning the loss of one of the pro skateboarders. This was true devastation. Here is a brief detail on Robbie Mckinley and how he died. 

Who was Robbie McKinley?

According to some reports online, Robbie Mckinley was born in 1981. He was raised in Southern California. He started skateboarding at a very young age. He used to skateboard often and soon became famous for his passion for skateboarding.

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He used different styles and was very creative when skateboarding. He also participated in many competitions, where he won several awards. He is recognized in skateboarding for appearing in videos such as “Subtleties” and “Mosiac.”

Companies like Pig Wheels, Foundation Skateboards, and Independent Trucks have also sponsored him. His different approach to skating and his ability to think differently have inspired many skaters. 

How did Robbie McKinley die?

It was very unfortunate that he died so soon; the news of his death put everyone in deep sorrow. His passing has left a traumatizing impact on his loved ones. According to reports, he took his last breath on May 14, 2021. Leaving his fans in great shock.

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The police report says that he was found dead in his flat, which was located in Long Beach, California. He was 40 years old at the time of his death. The Police shared the cause, which was a drug overdose. 

That is all for the article about Robbie McKinley. His passing was a significant loss for the skateboarding community. People around the world paid tribute to him, as he greatly impacted the Skateboarding world.