Why Was Joe on Free Beer And Hot Wings Really What Happened?

In this article, I have stated everything you need to know about Joe Gassman, what happened to him at Free Beer and Hot Wings, and what happened to him after his recent arrest. 

Joe Gassman’s former colleague says that he has alienated himself from the show Free Beer and Hot Wings after he wasn’t on the show for several weeks. Staff on the morning show have finally spoken up about his absence. 

He has left many fans speculating on what happened. Keep reading this article to know what happened with Joe at Free Beer and Hot Wings.

Free Beer And Hot Wings
Joe Gassman

Joe Gassman on Free Beer and Hot Wings

Originally broadcasting on Omaha, Nebraska, radio. This show was founded in 1997. 2004 saw an additional WGRD in Grand Rapids, which signified the beginning of full syndication for the show, with members taking the show across the country.

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Daniels from the show has said that after two decades in the radio industry, Joe has now decided that he will leave the Free Beer and Hot Wings show. Joe thanked Greg, Chris, Steve, and Kelly, the loyal listeners, and everyone working behind the scenes. Daniel also said there were many good times on the show. And they were lucky to do this job.

Why did Joe Gassman Leave the show?

Joe announced his suspension from Free Beer and Hot Wings. Joe Gassman was arrested in 2018 for domestic violence. Keeping the show’s image intact, this news could lead to considerable losses in the future, but the charges were dropped, and he returned to the show. 

Many fans believe that Joe was involved in domestic violence again, which was why he quit the show, but this has not been proven yet. However, inevitably, he won’t be hosting the show anymore after 20 years of a radio career.

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That is all for this article about Joe Gassman and why he quit the Free Beer and Hot Wings Radio show.

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