League of Legends: When Does Preseason 2024 Start

League of Legends preseason was released after the end of season 12 patch 12.21. Now you might be wondering, when does preseason 2023 start for LOL? The new patch 12.22 was immediately released on the 16th of November 2022. The preseason brought a number of changes to make the game more accessible to new and returning players.

With updated gameplay on champions’ durability, Riot has increased durability and reduced the damage and healing of every champion to level the playing field.

Preseason Plans 

Similar to last season, Riot has more targeted changes to various systems by bringing everything in League up to modern standards before updating the scale of runes reforged, elemental rift and item updates.

Preseason Changes 

For this season, Riot has updated systems like communication and vision, making the jungle more exciting and accessible, and bringing back a familiar foe.

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New Items in Preseason 2023

According to the Rito Riru Community Manager, there will be 12 new items that players can obtain in use during the preseason. Here is what he says

We’re introducing 12 new/updated items in this preseason! As a disclaimer, please note that item stats, effects, and even names are subject to change while on PBE.

Communication and Vision

Riot’s communication system is showing its age especially in comparison to some of their other games. So they’re giving it some much needed attention with new features that’ll make it easier to communicate with your team and walk away with the win.

League of Legends preseason 2023 New Tools
Riot Games

To that, they’re expanding their in game ping system to allow for better communication with your team. The current system only lets you share very basic communication, whereas the updated ping will include everything you already know and love plus expanded vision and a call to engage.

In addition to the changes in communication, Riot made small improvements to the vision system as it was a bit outdated. In this update, you’ll be able to see what wards you have on the map and preview where they’ll go when placing them in walls.

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Jungle improvement

Another focus this year is the jungle, and their first change is improving buff sharing and improving jungle camp patience rules. With the jungle updates, Riot has made it easier to start jungling.

The final preseason change is the long-awaited return of everyone’s favorite, the Chemtech Drake. However, she won’t bring you back from the dead anymore. Instead, the new and improved Chemtech soul grants more damage and damage reduction when you’re low on health.

So as you’ve read, Riot has a lot of exciting updates to the preseason and as always, I’ve had a blast sharing all this cool stuff with you as I’ll see you in the next article.