What makes Shane Walsh The Walking Dead’s best character?

Are you wondering why Shane Walsh is the most loved and allegedly the best character in the Walking Dead series? I will discuss that in this article today, along with a more in-depth analysis of Shane Walsh in The Walking Dead.

Actor Jon Bernthal portrayed Shane Walsh, who had a complex character and a dynamic personality in the Walking Dead series. He is loved by many fans of the series among the wide cast of characters in the show.

Shane Walsh was the best character in the Walking Dead series for multiple reasons: he was a survivor and a leader, had a good backstory supporting his character, was fearless, and, most importantly, was a caring guy with a good heart.

Why is Shane Walsh the best character in The Walking Dead?

shane on walking dead
shane on walking dead

Here are the reasons why Shane Walsh is the best character on The Walking Dead:

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First and foremost, Shane was a survivor. Shane could identify where the danger was and how to deal with the zombie-infested world. Shane knew how to keep himself near alive and healthy people.


Not many people agree with this, but Shane was a leader. He was a natural leader in the apocalyptic world, with great instincts. This comes from his background as a police officer.

Good Backstory 

Speaking of Shane’s background, he was also the best character in The Walking Dead because of his great backstory. A good backstory makes a great character. Shane’s backstory is shown through flashbacks. Shane was a police officer in King Country, Georgia, before the apocalypse.

He worked with his best friend, Sherif Rick Grimes. They also hinted that Lori Grimes had an affair before and after Rick was in a coma, and Shane continued a more profound affair with Lori. This ended up with Lori getting pregnant with his child.

Fearless and Caring

Shane was a person who was not afraid of making tough choices. After having an affair with Lori, who was Rick’s best friend’s wife. Shane thought Rick was dead, but he wasn’t, and things got tricky. He got close to Lori and Carl, Lori and Rick’s sons. This added more depth to Shane’s character and showed viewers his caring side.

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Good heart 

Shane was the best character in the series, not only because of his intrusive skills but also because he had a good heart. 

That’s all why Shane Walsh is the best character in The Walking Dead, and so many series viewers love him.