What To Do After Beating Rennala? Explained

Elden Ring is full of adventure with all its questlines, story, and choices given to gamers. The players have to make a decision on which path they have to go after completing adventures.

Here we discuss what to do after beating Rennala. Rennala is a demiGod, Queen of the full moon nights. Players have to defeat the Queen of full moon nights Rennala in the grand library of the Academy of Raya Lucaria. As players defeat Rennala they have to decide further journey in Elden Ring.

We mentioned all possible ways for you to know what to do after defeating Rennala.

Options After Beating Rennala in Elden Ring

As you beat the Rennala there will be three major paths you can follow there will be some of the questline and NPC to interact with to progress in the game. The three choices you have are to explore your journey in Liurnia, Caelid, or explore the underground.

After beating Rennala you have also unlocked Altus Plateau. To go on that way you have to get through the side path and avoid Dectus Lift. But there is a cache about Altus Plateau, Altus plateau will be harder than any of the above choices.

To complete the journey follow first Liurnia, then the next path will be Caelid, and after that Underground area. After completing this area you may consider what you have to do after beating Rennala.

Liurnia of the Lakes in Elden Ring

Don’t hurry to go further on the journey first complete one area questline and adventures thoroughly. There are plenty of things to do in Liurnia. There are not any major bosses that you have to battle. NPC quests and dungeons all that stuff. After completing all that if you want you can go to Altus Plateau.

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Liurnia of the Lakes in Elden Ring
what to do after beating rennala

Here we mentioned a bunch of points you can explore in Liurnia Elden Ring.

  • In the northeast corner of Lurina, there will be a Legacy Dungeon complete Caria Manor there.
  • Finish Caria Manira, head west, and go into Ranni’s Rise. Now, complete Ranni’s Rise quests in Elden Ring.
  • On the southeast of Ranni’s Rise visit Seluvis’s Rise and complete the quest.
  • After that nearest quest to be done is Hyetta’s questline in Elden Ring.
  • Now complete Yura’s Quest line in Liurnia Elden’s ring.
  • You can also complete the Varre’s questline, go south of Raya Lucaria Academy and visit Rose church.
  • On the east of the Scenic Isle Site of Grace, you can start Rya’s questline.
  • Southeast of the Academy of Raya Lucaria in Academy Gate Town you will meet Diallos.
  • Now explore the Southwest corner of Liurnia, there will be Albinaurics village roaming around the village, look for Haligtree Secret Medallion.
  • Start Latenna’s questline, and go to Lakeside Crystal Cave.

Caelid in Elden Ring

As you complete Liurnia, you are free to head to Caelid. The Caelid is located on the east of Limgrave. To reach there you can follow the north side of limgrave. You can also take teleport it from Limgrave’s Dragonburnt Ruins to the Sellia Crystal Tunnel.

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Caelid in Elden Ring
what to do after beating rennala

If you follow the north side then on your way you may face monstrous dogs and birds. If you go through the tunnel then you have to go through the Aeonian Swamp, the heart of the Scarlet Rot. You can avoid monstrous animals but have to kill Godrick and if you didn’t kill Godrick then Radahan will be next.

  • Explore the Gael tunnel in west Caelid where you have to encounter Alexander Iron Fist’s questline.
  • To reach the next levels of the Caelid, explore Sellia, a town of the Sorcery, and boom you have access to the church of the Plague, and the Dragonbarrow.
  • On the east of Aeonia Swamp, there is a place named Gowry’s Shack from which you can begin with Millicent’s questline.
  • You can also collect the Dectus Medallion from Fort Faroth in the Dragonbarrow which is a sub-area of Caelid.
  • To complete the D’s questline visit Bestial Sanctum in the northeast corner of the area.
  • If you have two Great Runes you don’t need to follow these steps. Go to Redmane castle and beat General Radahn. Radahn is the third demigod you encountered in Elden’s ring.

Ainsel River and Siofra River

Now you have reached the final two underground segments that you have to complete before you reach the legacy dungeon. The first underground location is the Ansiel River and the second underground location is the Siofra River

Ainsel River in Elden Ring
what to do after beating rennala

To explore the underground Ainsel River you can find a way through Ainsel River Well to the north of the Study Hall in east Liurnia.

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Point to mention here, you cannot explore the whole underground area now, it will be accessed later. But from your current journey, you can have crafting materials, armors, visually upsetting bosses, and unique armaments.

Siofra River in Elden Ring
what to do after beating rennala

To explore the underground Siofra River you can find a way through the Siofra River Well near the Minor Erdtree in the Mistwood of Limgrave. When you go through this location make sure to have Elden Ring Blaidd.

Many players aim to complete the main story quickly, so all they can do is only defeat Godrick and Rennala and head to the capital then. But this may lead you to under-levelled players and you may find it hard to clear the next journey in Elden Ring


We listed the main quest lines and areas you can explore through the journey. But there is a lot more that you can do visit Roundtable Hold and talk to Gideon Ofnir.

He will guide you to the quest after beating Rannala. If you want to go thoroughly then visit Liurnia, Caelid and underground rivers Ainsel rivers and Slofra river.

There will be lots of quests and a new place for you to explore. You will lots of loot during this journey, and armor crafting materials. Learn new skills and also your level in Elden Ring may upgrade through the journey.

But if you skip all these then you won’t get any of these. And it may make your journey hard due to a lack of resources.

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