Godrick Recommended Level: How To Defeat Her

Godrick recommended level: Godrick the Grasped is a Lord in Stormveil Citadel, one of the first bosses that most players encounter when trying to get out of the starting zone of the Elden Ring. 

The Godrick boss battle at the Rings of Elyda is one of the game’s biggest challenges, with the recommended level being 30 if you are looking to face off against Godrick–it is a choke point designed to limit everyone except those who are most prepared to make progress through the game. 

Like other bosses in the Elden Ring, Godrick delays starting his animations in order to try to lure you in by dodging him earlier. 

Godrick is the lord of Stormveil Castle, he is the boss that you cannot escape, so prepare for a difficult battle. So, if you’re wondering how you will beat Godrick, we have provided this guide for you. Let’s get it started.

Godrick the Grafted: Overview

Elden Ring is a land of unending conflict. Where each race has its own unique culture and values. In Elden Ring, you should be a legend, to defeat Godrick the Grafted- but only if they are aided by Shardbearder Godrick Trophy. 

Godrick the Grafted, who goes by many aliases as “The Grafted,” is a formidable foe in Elden Ring. The protagonist of Elden Ring has had to fight and struggle against this foe. Godrick is a skilled warrior and can fight back in battle with his mighty axe blades that are capable of sending wind attacks from both axes at once. 

Godrick the Grafted is a formidable foe, an evil, and a ferocious creature with two huge axes that he uses to cleave his enemies. He takes to heart everything in his path and goes after anyone who stands in his way. However, he’s not an unbeatable foe. At the end of Elden Ring, you will have to beat Godrick the Grafted and get the Shardbearder Godrick Trophy. 

In Elden Ring, you fight with different weapons and have to overcome different difficulties in order to beat each given boss. Godrick the Grafted’s abilities are matched only by the strength of his determination – he always seems to be one step ahead of all those that cross paths with him.

How to Beat Godrick the Grafted?

Thankfully, there are several strategies to use in order to defeat one of Elden Rings more challenging enemies, ranging from using aggressive approaches to calling in aid and even the “cheese” approach. 

godrick recommended level

Godrick has many attacks that can suck up a lot of your HP in a single swing, so you are going to want to come prepared with the proper equipment and strategies for taking him down. Godrick can and will destroy these, but rolling in the wrong way on them could be painful trying to come out while watching out for his attacks. 

If your allies are dead at this point, and it is been a bit difficult to avoid Godricks attacks, do not hesitate to use some of the setup pieces around to get behind. When at the range, you can always switch to bows or quickly fire off one or two bolts to keep Godricks super armor from charging up. 

Godricks attacks can instantly drain any enchantment, so having multiple pops is helpful for splitting the attention of Godrick. Importantly, like every boss in Elden Ring, ensure that the charge of your equips is light to mid, which allows you to rush Godricks Grafted attacks at just the right time.

Be sure to get rolling on his Sword Attacks, dealing damage at smaller openings. The best melee strategy to use against the Grafted Godrick is either breaking through his posture as quickly as possible during phase one or dealing bleed damage. 

In phase one of the fight, Godrick will wildly swing his axe, leaving few open spaces to be smacked at him before you will have to duck.In combat, you will have to be fairly aggressive, since the passive style of play is going to get crushed by the speed, range, and AoE damage from Godricks graft. 

Generally, standing back from Godrick is the best way to avoid his melee attacks, but sometimes he will roll out of the way and create space to unleash his tussle attack or Windblast.

Keep in mind, that if you are keeping him at a distance and performing ranged attacks, Godrick is going to have trouble keeping up with you. He is likely to follow with a swipe at the axe to take you down, and this is your time to swoop away and bait him into performing some more ranged attacks.

Beating Godrick: Best Strategy To Defeat Him

For any jump attacks from Godrick, your best bet is often rolling directly into Godrick as he is airborne — if you time it correctly, he will glide straight past you. 

Meanwhile, it might be tempting to try and evade the Godrick Grafted in order to land a few punches when he is performing the Slow Walking Fire Puke, but he can pivot around surprisingly fast in order to swallow you up regardless of where you are standing, so the best thing to do is just to gain a little bit of distance and take advantage of the opportunity for healing. 

If you called for assistance in battle, do not bother attacking Godrick should he grab somebody by the jaws of a dragon, since he is immune to that entire animation, which ends with a huge fire blast sprinkling the ground, so just run off while your friends are getting chewed. 

The best strategy here is to stay at range until Godrick starts trying to unleash his fire-based ranged attacks, then rush inside once he is locked in this animation to deal some damage.

Once you have taken one of the more challenging ones to less than half-health, he is going to get stunned for a moment, so take this as a chance to wail as hard on him as possible to deal massive amounts of damage before the start of Phase Two. 

Once the second phase starts, one of the more troublesome ones will begin firing off a torrent of fire from far away, so your objective is to rush straight into him to be behind him ASAP. 

Ranged players who use mostly spells or charms will find that Godrick is a much easier boss to deal with than melee players since his ranged moves are telegraphed extremely well, making it easier to evade at a safe range.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Godrick recommended level with complete information.

To defeat Elden Ring, what level should you be?

The Player may require a weapon level of +3 to +4 is desirable. Raya Lucaria Academy- For this section, a level of 50-60 is required.

To battle Radahn, what level I will be?

You must be level 40 at the very least, and preferably 50-60, having gear that matches at least +8. The gimmick of Radahn’s boss arena is that while there are NPC summoning signs strewn about, allowing you to call others in to assist you.

To battle Godrick, what level will I be?

Elden Ring Godrick boss battle is one of the competition’s first major obstacles, requiring a minimum level of 30 to take on – it’s a bottleneck aimed at keeping all but the best prepared players from progressing further in the game.

In Elden Ring, who is the most difficult boss?

Malenia, Blade of Miquella is without a doubt the most difficult Elden Ring boss is one of the most difficult bosses have ever seen from a computer game. Malenia has all the Elden Ring bosses’ combos, including Morgott’s and Radagon’s damaging output.

Is Melania Elden Ring is way to hard to kill?

She hits forcefully, sprints toward opponents attempting to flee attacks, and is unaffected by your measly hits. And not just with traditional attacks, at least. A month after the game’s debut, an Elden Ring player has uncovered the simplest defence to one of her most lethal attacks: a container

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