What To Do in Barber Shop Luigi’s Mansion 3?

The barber shop in Luigui’s Mansion 3 is found on the first level of the Hotel Shops. It is located right below the Accessories and to the left of the boutique. This is the final shop Gooigi needs to explore. 

In this article, I will take you through a complete guide to the barber shop in Luigi’s Mission 3. Due to the bars in the door, only Gooigi can explore the barbershop. 

What To Do in the Barber Shop in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Barber Shop in Luigis Mansion 3
Image via Nintendo Switch

You need to go to the barbershop with the club icon outside. The door will be closed; you need to open the door by vacuuming the clover icons on each side of the scissors. You will need Luigi and Gooigi for this. Vacuum the clover till they spin, which causes the scissors to spin too. 

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After Gooigi enters the shop, they must use the cash register key. Then, grab the star key and walk out. 

There is a drawer in the Barber Shop that contains bills. You must use a Dark-light device to suck up the spirit balls that reveal the drawer. The Star key is needed to open the door to the security office, where you will fight Kruller. 

How To Open a Barbershop in Luigi’s Mansion?

You can open a barbershop in Luigi’s Mission by spinning the clubs on the wall to turn the scissors. Once the scissors are open, you can open the grated door to the barbershop. But you need to have the Club Key to open the door.