How To Get Shiny Turtonator in Pokemon Go: The Dark Flame Event 

Welcome your new Pokemon Turtonator in Hidden Gems Season. Turtonator Pokemon is a Fire and Dragon-type Pokemon. You can catch the Turtonator by two methods in Pokemon Go, You can also capture Shiny Turtonator Pokemon too.

Turtonator Pokemon Made its debut through Hidden Gems Season in The Dark Flame Event. Turtonator Pokemon’s weakness is Dragon, Ground, and Rock Pokemon moves whereas resistant on moves like Fire, Grass, Bug, Electric, and Steel. It’s worth catching, isn’t it?  To add Pokemon Go to your Pokedex follow this guide. 

How to Get Turtonator Pokemon in Pokemon Go: Hidden Gems Season

During Hidden Gems Season on The Dark Flames, you can catch Turtonator Pokemon Through 3 Star Raid Battles and by Field Research Task. 

To capture Turtonator Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you have to use the Dragon, Ground, and Rock-type Pokemon moves. To capture Turtonator Pokemon you can use, Dragonite, Garchomp, Groudon, Salamence, and Rhyperior.  

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For Field Research Task you need to follow some tasks and Turtonator Pokemon:

You can unlock Field Research Task by spinning Pokestops. You can access four Field Research Tasks in Pokemon Go. You can only get Turtonator Pokemon through the Dark Flame Event in Pokemon Go. 

Shiny Turtonator Pokemon Go
Image via Pokemon Go

Can I Also Capture Shiny Turtonator in Pokemon Go?

Yes, You can also capture Shiny Turtonator Pokemon in its debut season of The Dark Flame Event. It’s kind of a rare event where Pokemon Turtonator and Shiny Turtonator are released on the same event.

But, it won’t be easy to capture though. The chance of getting Shiny Turtonator Pokemon is very low but multiple Raids and Attempting Field Research tasks can get you a Shiny Pokemon variant. 

Turtonator Pokemon Best Moveset:

You should try the Fire Spin and Dragon Pulse which has a DPS of 9.38. The other move you can attempt to win a battle is Fire Spin and Flamethrower, Fire Spin and Overheat, and Ember and Dragon Pulse. 

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You can attempt 3 Star Raid Battle and Field Research Task During The Dark Flame event to capture the Turtonator and Shiny Turtnator. To capture Turtonator through 3 Star Raid Battle, you have to bring the Pokemon who have strong attack moves in Dragon, Ground, and Rock. 

This is all for how to get Shiny Turtnator in Pokemon Go for more relevant guides do check our Pokemon Go guides section.

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