Hogwarts Legacy: How To Grow & Harvest Fluxweed Guide

The wizarding world presented to players in the Hogwarts Legacy game has proven to be an impressive and immersive experience in many ways. From the spell casting to the potion making and the Hogwarts Legacy outfits, all of these factors make Hogwarts Legacy one of the best role-play experiences available in gaming.

The role-playing capabilities of this game run very deep. So deep that to mix potions for spells, you have to grow the necessary ingredients. As an introduction to this interesting plant-growing mechanic in the game.

We’ll teach you about one of the easiest plants to grow in Hogwarts Legacy. The Fluxweed stem is used as an ingredient to brew Focus potions that decrease the cooldown time between powerful spells. Having something like that ready on hand could be the difference between victory and defeat in a heated duel.

So, let’s dive in!

How To Grow Fluxweed in Hogwarts Legacy

You must note that to grow Fluxweed, you would need a large pot and potting table that you can purchase from Tomes and Scrolls for 1000 galleons and use on your room of requirements.

fluxweed hogwarts legacy pot size
Image via Avalanche Software

Most plants cannot grow in the default pot provided at the start of the game.

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Fluxweed Seeds

Before you can grow most plants, you must get your hands on their seeds. That goes for magic plants as well. You can get fluxweed seeds by visiting The Magic Neep Shop, located at the northwest corner of the village.

Fluxweed seeds are sold there for 350 galleons; once you get your desired number and the large pot from the Tomes and Scrolls shop, if you haven’t already, then you’ve started on your journey of growing your magic plants.

Sowing Fluxweed Seeds

Once you’ve completed your purchases, return to your room of requirements, set up your large potting table, and begin sowing the seeds.

The fluxweed seeds typically take 15 minutes to fully germinate, after which the plant will produce enough yield for five uses or more if you add fertilizer.

Which is sold at the Magic Neep shop. Once your Fluxweed has finished growing, interact with the potting table and collect your fluxweed stems.

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Repeat this process with slight modifications for the various other plants available in the game, but that is the basic gist of how you can grow your plants for spells and potions in Hogwarts Legacy.

Of course, the plants are readily available for purchase in the game, but if you want to gain the fully immersive experience of Hogwarts Legacy, growing your own plants is one way you can.

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