When Do You Unlock The Bike in Destiny 2?

There are two main vehicles that players will encounter in Destiny 2. The first is a ship, which transports them from one planet to another.

They are helped in their travels from one location on a planet to another by a Sparrow. Since they move quickly, using the latter is always preferable when moving across the map.

After you finish the main campaign in Destiny 2 or reach level 20, you can unlock the bike. After that, you can see Amanda Holliday in the second social hub of the game to get your free sparrow.

What Are The Bikes in Destiny 2 Called?

In Destiny 2, the bikes are referred to as Sparrows. The Sparrows are cool hoverbikes that let your Guardian move through space much faster than they could on foot.

Your Guardian can call in his or her private land vehicle, the Sparrow. Although the Sparrow lacks weapons, it is a very quick hoverbike.

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Holding the “interact” button while approaching a vehicle allows you to get on board.

What Mission Unlocks the Sparrow in Destiny 2?

Sparrow Destiny 2
Image via Bungie / Gameinstants

Destiny 2’s sparrow cannot be unlocked through a specific mission. After completing the primary campaign or reaching level 20, you can unlock it.

After completing the main campaign, you must see Amanda Holliday in the Tower’s Hangar to unlock the sparrow. You can select one of three free sparrows that she offers you.

After you reach level 20, you must open Bright Engrams to obtain the sparrow. Loot boxes that contain Bright Engrams can be obtained through play or bought. They might be able to catch a sparrow.

You can call a sparrow once you’ve unlocked one by pressing the F key on a computer, the Circle button on a PlayStation 4, or the B button on an Xbox. 

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