How To Get Whispering Mothcarp In Destiny 2?

Do you want to know how to get a whispering Mothcarp in Destiny 2? That has recently become available again in the game Destiny 2. You’re in the right place, then.

Destiny 2 is a free-to-play first-person shooter video game. It is an online video game developed by Bungie. The game was initially released in 2017. It is a shared-world action role-playing game with a single-player campaign, cooperative missions, player-versus-player modes, and raids.

Players take on the role of a guardian, a protector of Earth’s last safe city, as they wield a power called light to protect the city from different alien races.

There are a variety of fish species in the game. The types are legendary and exotic. Ten legendary fish and four exotic ones Each fish has a unique appearance, behavior, and location. Some are easy to catch, and some are difficult. 

What is Whispering Mothcarp?

Whispering Mothcarp is a mythical creature that resides within the intricate lore of Destiny 2. This fish is described as a majestic fish-like creature with luminous wings resembling those of a moth. The name comes from the faint humming sound that it makes when it gets caught.

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The Mothcarp is said to possess an otherworldly aura and emit a gentle whispering sound as it swims throughout the Destiny 2 universe.

Wherever it is present, it sparks both awe and intrigue among guardians, and it is believed that the Whispering Mothcaro holds profound secrets and hidden knowledge.

What Does Whispering Mothcarp Look Like? | Where to Find It?

Whispering Mothcarp Destiny 2

The whispering Mothcarp is a small, silvery fish. It has large, dark eyes. It has a long, thin body with a forked tail. You can catch a whispering Mothcarp in the Misama Region of the Throne World. This is the only location where you can see this exotic fish.

How To Catch Whispering Mothcarp in Destiny 2

Recently, a new fishing feature was introduced in Destiny 2 during the Season Of the Deep. You can get many items by fishing in the game using this feature. 

Whispering Mothcarp is one of the rarest catches. Many players have complained that the fish cannot be seen in the game yet and thought it was a bug, but it was available until June 21, 2023, and once the Broken Blade of Strife quest appeared, players started to catch it.

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What You Can Do With A Whispering Mothcarp?

To complete the Broken Blade of Strife quest, you must catch a Whispering Mothcarp and dunk the fish at your Aquarium in the H.E.L.M. Once you do it, you will get the Broken Blade, and then you might need to wait until the next exotic fish appears.

The whispering Mothcarp is a very rare fish. It is a trophy fish that some players collect as a sign of their fishing prowess.

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