What Does Comp Mean in Destiny 2?

Competitive and Valor ranks are a unique addition to Destiny 2 Crucible mode. You will accumulate points based on the game type you are playing. The points will grant rewards as you reach higher subdivisions and divisions. 

The Competitive Crucible playlist is “comp” in Destiny 2. A skill-based matchmaking system is used in this 3v3 playlist to ensure that players are paired with opponents of comparable skill. 

Compared to Quickplay and Control, Competitive Crucible is a harder Crucible playlist to play. Players can put their skills to the test and develop their competitive play there. Players can also receive exclusive rewards When they reach a certain rank in the Competitive Crucible.

I have included everything you need to know about crucible valor and competitive division in Destiny 2 in this article. 

Shattered Throne map

Destiny 2 New Comp Ranks

The Season of the Haunted marked the debut of the new ranks. They are determined by a player’s performance in Competitive Crucible games and skill level.

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Players advance through the ranks by winning games and accruing points, starting at the Untested rank. By losing games, players risk losing points. A player’s rank will be reset to Untested if it drops below Untested.

The new competitive ranks represent a significant improvement over the old ones. They are harder and demand more advanced skills from players to advance. For those players who are prepared to put in the effort, they do, however, also provide greater rewards and a sense of advancement.

The new competitive ranks in Destiny 2 are:

  • Untested
  • Copper I – III
  • Bronze I – III
  • Silver I – III
  • Gold I – III
  • Platinum I – III
  • Adept I – III
  • Ascendant I – III

What is the Highest Rank in Destiny 2 Comp?

The highest rank in Destiny 2 comp is Ascendant. You need 10,000 Glory points to reach Ascendant rank.

By winning games in the Competitive playlist, you can accrue glory points. You gain more glory points the more victories you have. Additionally, you can gain Glory points by overcoming particular challenges.

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You can participate in the weekly Glory playlist once you reach Ascendant rank. Although this playlist is more challenging than the standard Competitive playlist, the rewards are also better.

Why Am I Getting Plus 5 in Destiny 2?

This occurs as a result of Bungie determining your rank. No matter how well or poorly you perform, Bungie will force you into the rank they have already assigned you based on your performance and skill.

With a +5 point boost to your rank for each game you win under the current system, you can win four games in a row. If you lose one more game after this, you could lose 100 to 200 points.

This is the end of what is comp in Destiny 2 for more relevant guides do check our Destiny 2 guides section.

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