Where is Patches Elden Ring | All Locations

Patches are one of the common NPC characters of FromSoftware available since the Demon Souls. There are lots of locations in Elden Ring where you encounter the Patches.

Here we cover all information about the Patches locations in the Elden Ring that might helpful for you.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

where is patches elden ring

Patches Questline

To start the Patches Questline player need to reach the mini-dungeon called Mirkwater Cave which is located in the Northeastern direction of Limgrave.

Outside of the cave, you will encounter the Bloody Finger you need to defect it and then move to the back room of the alleyway of the cave to start the fight with Patches.

Once the Patches reach half he will surrender to you by seating on his knees. You need to wait until his health bar disappears and then you can interact with him to obtain some of the details of his life. If you wanted to visit Patches shop then you need to reach the bonfire.

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Patches Trap Chest

Patches trapped

The Patches set up a trapped chest and when you open the chest available in his room that teleports you to the Mistwood Ruins.

So make sure of it and in case if you got caught in the trap you need to locate the rest at a nearby Site of Grace.

You need to move in the northwest direction of the site of the grace to get out of the forest. Simply follow the pathway that leads you to Mistwood Outskirts grace and the trap will be disabled and you can teleport to the leisure.

Patches at Liurnia of the Lakes

After the Mirkwater Cave, you will encounter the Patches in Liurnia of the Lakes. He is seating beside the Scenic Isle Site of Grace. You need to interface with Patches and he will share the secrets.

Such as the NPC character Rya, the help you to reach Volcano Manor and most importantly he tells you about the Virgin Abductor under Raya Lucaria that can teleport you to Erdtree.

Patches at Mt. Gelmir

At Mt. Gelmir there are two locations where you can encounter the Patches. The first location is optional or we can say the cutscenes of the game.

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For the second location at Mt. Gelmir Campsite, you need to follow the cliff at the top you will encounter Patches hiding in the bushes. You need to follow him till the rainbow stones and the cutscenes start where Patches betrays you.

After the cutscenes, you need to head back to the Site of Grace. However, you will find Patches at the Volcano Manor near the entrance gate and interact with you as friend.

Patches Questline at Volcano Manor

At Volcano Manor, the Patches give you a letter that guides you to kill a target named Great Horned Tragoth.

Once you kill the target return back to the Patches then he interacts with the Tanith and you will get the weapon called  Magma Whip Candlestick.

After this, you encounter the Patches until you defeat the god of the Volcano Manor named Rykard once you defeat it go back to the Patches and reunlock his shop.

Patches at Shaded Castle dungeon

After the Volcano Manor, you will encounter the Patches at the Shaded Castle Dungeon just before the status of the boss.

When you interact with him he asks you to bring the Dancer’s Castinets to the Tanith and after the cutscene, you can’t see Patches in the Shaded Castle means he is back to the  Murkwater Cave and then the boss fight starts.

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Extreme Repentance Gesture

Once you completed all the Patches Questline in last you need to get the Extreme Repentance Gesture.

Once you defeat the boss you can attack the Patches three times to get him aggressive and he will reduce your health to half then he asks you to surrender at this point of the game you need to use the gesture called Grovel for Mercy. If all things go well Patches will give the Extreme Repentance Gesture.

This is all for the Patches locations guide. Here at Gameinstants, we cover all information related to video games. For more helpful information to check our Elden Ring guides panel.

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