Where is Patches Elden Ring?

Elden ring game is all about the thriller storyline and combat skills of the player, the storyline that revolves around the player is super confusing.

Unlike other games, Elden ring is not that easy to deal with. The game requires you to make a lot of choices based on which the storyline changes and is modified which means according to the choices that you made the storyline will be directed as the same making the game more intense and exciting to players.

There are a whole lot of NPCs or non-playable characters that are present in the Elden ring some of them play a very important role in the main storyline while some are deployed as a side characters and have side questline not only that these side questlines also impact the progress of the player in the Elden ring.

Most of the NPCs that are available in the game are there for the purpose of teaching us something or selling us something likewise there is an NPC known as Patches. Let’s get into a deep analysis as to what is that Patches actually does and unravel more about his character in the Elden ring game.

where is patches elden ring

What are Patches locations?

Many players that are just starting out in the game think that Patches is there for only selling items but it is not as we described earlier every NPC in the Elden ring has his/her own questline which the player has to complete in order to fully complete the game.

Later on, the player would also be required to make a choice to encounter Greirat one of the NPCs. If you tell him about Greirat then Patches would kill Greirat and then return and continue being a merchant and if you don’t tell him about Greirat then the merchant or the Patches would refuse to trade with you for any kind of goods. 

Now many of you would be thinking where is Patches Elden’s ring. Well, we have covered all the possible locations where players are likely to encounter Patches. If you are struggling to find Patches in the Elden ring then try scouting out all the locations that we have provided below.

Mirkwater Cave

Patches may be located past the Highwayman bandits at the end of Murkwater Cave. Try opening the chest to engage in immediate combat with the NPC merchant. You have to fight him until he is left with half health.

Patches will surrender when he has around a quarter to half of his health remaining. Accept his capitulation by ceasing to fight him. If you keep on striking him repeatedly even when he is attempting to submit to you, he will turn violent once more and you would have no more chance to get him surrendered to you for completing his questline.

After the surrender Patches will ask whether you forgive him or not if you speak to him after accepting his surrender. Your decision merely influences what he says in return; nevertheless, he will become friendly. 

If you fight him three times after accepting his surrender, he will become violent again. If you allow him to lower your HP to a low level, he will offer to accept your surrender in exchange for groveling.

You will learn the Extreme Repentance gesture after executing the Grovel for Mercy gesture and finishing his conversation. Before he kills you, if you make the Extreme Repentance gesture, he will accept your surrender and become friends again.

Regardless of the choice, you make to forgive or not to the Patches he will then invite you to come again. After that, the players can find Patches’ lair in the Murkwater Cave

2. Mt. Gelmir

Patches may be found hidden behind the cliff west of the First Mt. Gelmir Campsite grace located on Mt. Gelmir. For a hint, he put a note on the ground as well as a trail of bright Rainbow Stones to entice the gamer to the cliff’s edge.

When the players speak with him, he just states that he is not inclined to do anything suspicious. Following his Rainbow Stone path to the cliff’s edge will activate a cinematic in which Patches pushes you off the cliff, telling you that you’ll never reach Volcano Manor.

3. Volcano Manor

Patches may then be found in the passage north of the Site of Grace inside Volcano Manor. Players have to deal with Patches’ questline in Volcano Manor. Players can chat with Tanith after completing one of his assassinations and demands to get the Letter to Patches.

He will discuss reporting to Tanith about the task when you return to him after assassinating the target. When you return to chat to him after reloading the region, he’ll reluctantly give you the Magma Whip Candlestick. After eliminating the area boss God-Devouring Serpent, Patches will exit Volcano Manor.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently related to the Where You Can Find Patches in Elden Ring with complete information.

Why can’t I find patches for Elden Ring?

In simple words, the Patches appear as the boss in Mirkwater Cave once you reach the finish, and if you are close to defeating him, he will surrender and open a shop for you. If you complete his quest, you will find him at a campsite near the Scenic Isle Site of Grace. After you’ve spoken with him, he’ll appear at Volcano Manor. In order to find Patches in Elden Ring without having a hassle.

How Do You Get Patches on Target Elden Ring?

Order to get the Patches at Volcano Manor can help you find an assassination target. After escaping, return to Volcano Manor’s main entrance hall, where Patches will be waiting (if you’ve already arrived and joined the family through Tanith, the quest will automatically go to this point).

Why are Patches not at the Manor?

He’ll keep peddling his products at the Manor until the player beats Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, and then Patches’ dialogue is exhausted. Patches will leave the area the next time it is reloaded after that, so make any last-minute purchases before he leaves again.

This is the end of this short guide.

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