For Honor Tier List (2024) Ranked

Updated: November 1, 2023 by Mritunjay Jadon

There total of 32 playable heroes in For Honor with different atk, damage and survival rate. Choosing the best heroes from all is a confusing task, especially for the new players.

If you’re searching for the For Honor Tier List with the current meta then you’ve been lucky today. Here we have arranged For Honor heroes in a tier list based on their survival rate, damage and versatility in the game.

For Honor is an outstanding video game that was developed by Unisoft one of the popular names in the gaming world. For Honor, heroes are divided into four categories Vikings, Samurai, Knights, Wu Lin and The Outlanders.

Based on the game’s current meta and in-game efficiency, skills, and abilities, we have organized this tier list.

For Honor Tier List: (2023) Best To Worst

S-Tier: This tier of heroes has more damage power along with defence. This tier of heroes is most dominant in the current meta.

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A-Tier: This tier of heroes comes just after the S-Tier these heroes can be trusted in terms of stat, and have a longer survival rate with higher tier heroes.

B-Tier: The B Tier heroes have an average stat, power damage, defence and more. However, B Tier heroes are not as powerful as the above tiers.

C-Tier: This tier character is below the average in terms of stat, power damage, and defence. So if you prefer these heroes playstyles you can choose them.

D-Tier: The D Tier character has the lowest stat, power damage and more.

E Tier: If you want to survive longer in the game do not pick E tier heroes.

That is why our Tier List will help you to find out all the strongest and weakest heroes in For Honor in no time.


for honor tier list
S Tier Strongest Heroes in For Honor Tier List

The S Tier has all the strongest heroes in For Honor’s current meta. All these heroes have outstanding stats compared to other heroes in the game.

  • Conqueror – Knights
  • Nobushi – Samurai
  • Shinobi – Samurai
  • Warmonger- Knights
  • Kyoshin – Samurai
  • Warlord – Viking
  • Jiang Jun- Wu Lin
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for honor list
A Tier Good heroes in For Honor Tier List

The Tier heroes are as strong as the S Tier heroes but these heroes have some flaws that can be fixed with practice.

  • Conqueror – Knights
  • Hitokiri – Samurai
  • Black Prior – Knights
  • Kensei – Samurai
  • Berserker – Viking
  • Raider – Viking
  • Shaolin – Wu Lin
  • Shugoki – Samurai


for honor characters
B Tier Average heroes in For Honor Tier List

These are Average heroes that can easily taka head-to-headad fight with the A Tier heroes if you learn their combosATKtk moves and more perfectly.

  • Shaman – Viking
  • Jormungandr – Viking
  • Gryphon – Knights
  • Zhanhu – Wu Lin
  • Highlander – Vikings
  • Nuxia – Wu Lin


for honor heros
C Tier Below Average Heroes in For Honor Tier List

These Tier heroes are middle average means all these heroes need some improvement to catch up above tiers.

  • Nobushi – Samurai
  • Centurion – Knights
  • Orochi – Samurai
  • Peacekeeper – Knights
  • Valkyrie – Viking
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list of for honor
D Tier Weak Heroes in For Honor Tier List

This Tier blows average heroes which means you need to do lots of practice with these heroes to play with them perfectly.

  • Gladiator – Knight
  • Warden – Knight
  • Tiandi – Wu Lin


weakest characters in for honor
F Tier Weakest Heroes in For Honor Tier List

The worst heroes of the game at present. Use them if you want to challenge your opponents or just flex your skills.

  • Aramusha – Samurai
  • Lawbringer – Knight

Hopefully, you find our For HonorTier List helpful to know all the strongest and weakest Heroes in the For Honor. For useful tips don’t forget to check our For Hornor Guides until then happy gaming.

One more thing, Unisoft keeps adding new heroes and we keep updating our tier list. So to avoid the hassle you can bookmark this page to get the latest For Honor Tier list.

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