Where To Find Bridge Report in Dead Space Remake?

Dead Space Remake has lots of amazing tasks that you need to complete in order to continue in the game. The “Premeditated Malpractice” is the side mission that explains the beginning of Dr. Mercer’s creation. One of the tasks in this mission is Find Report on the Bridge.

However, due to a lack of information from the developers, most of the players find this task a little confusing such as what the report means to document or graphic logs or something else. If you need to find well don’t worry, Here at Gameinstants featured a guide on this task that might come in handy for you to complete the find bridge report task in Dead Space Remake.

Without further ado get check the guide.

Location of the Bridge Report in Dead Space Remake?

Well finding the Bridge report in Dead Space Remake is not a difficult task because it does not include any fighting and puzzle-solving in-game machines.

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Bridge Report in Dead Space Remake
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You need to visit the  Main Atrium of the Bridge on Floor 4 and then navigate to the poster with the text “Tomorrow Is a Good Idea” with a cartoon figure.

Find Bridge Report
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Then you need to take a Right turn and continue on the pathway until you see big display on the right side. To interact with the display and recover the holographic log.

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