How To Use Generator in Project Zomboid?

Nowadays, the craze for battle royal games is increasing. People love to see the character survive and fight different obstacles. Project Zomboid is much similar to the available survival games. There are a lot of survival games out there which are played by millions.

Likewise, this game is still in the early access stage and is in the development stage. Various updates are yet to come. Yet, this game has a separate fan base for the people who love zombie fights. The zombie survival game is filled with action, thrill, and entertainment. It is known to be a powerhouse game.

The project zomboid has various features and weapons which is needed to be studied by the players. Any newcomer could be confused regarding the usage of many of the equipment out there in the zombie land. The player usually gets to know and discover various skills, versions, and functions of the weapons as the game progresses.

Yet, there are some features and weapon mastery which you should know beforehand in order to create an advantage for yourself over the other players. One type of such weapon is known to be the generator and its use of it is unique.

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Let us know how to use the generator in the project zomboid with full efficiency and win the royal battle of survival against zombies.

Using Generator Efficiently in the Project Zomboid

This is a very crucial part of the game and the one who possesses it has an advantage over the other opponents. As the name suggests the generator can generate electricity even if the power is cut in the base.

But as a matter of fact, you should know that the generator is not an item that could be crafted. So, we cannot carry the generator in the inventory. Thus, you need to find ways in order to obtain the generator. The method is to locate the generators near the bases. You also need the generator to be carried by hand to your base.

When you carry the generator to your own base, you are in a very vulnerable state as at that particular moment you cannot fight the zombies. In that case, you can keep the generator down and use a vehicle such as a car to transport it to the station or the base.

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Most of the moments, the generators are spawned near or inside the sheds of tools or the warehouses nearby. You should keep in mind that the generators should be placed outside of the base and never inside of it.

This is because when the generators work, it spreads fume all around which is dangerous and thus lowers the HP of the character.

More About the generator in Project Zomboid

As discussed above you should not let the generator withstand inside of the base outside due to the exhaust. If you are facing certain difficulties in placing it outside of the base, you may also use the roof for the same.

Then the main part comes the working of the generator. In order to operate you need to have an electrician occupation and should be able to find scattered items of the generator.

Then, you need to visit the base and open the main menu for the context and then you need to select the use generator option.

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The generator also needs some fuel with the help of which you can light up the sources and electronic equipment. Also, keep in mind that the durability of the generator reduces by 20 percent and may explode if not replaced.

This is end of this short guide for more related content such as loot respawn or what is foraging and more do check our Project Zomboid guide section.