Who are Liko and Roy in Pokemon Anime? 

Originally, the Main character in the Pokemon Anime was Ash Ketchum. Still, now it’s time to say goodbye to him after 26 years as they introduce the new Main Characters in The Anime: Liko and Roy. They debuted in the recent Pokemon Horizons anime, released on April 14, 2023. 

Let’s look more into who Liko and Roy are. You will find everything about Liko and Roy in this article, so keep reading.

 Liko and Roy Pokemon Anime
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Who is Liko in Pokemon Anime?

Liko is one of the two main characters in the Pokemon Horizons Anime. She is the first-ever female protagonist of the Pokemon Anime.

She is a young girl from the Paldea region. Liko has this mysterious pendant on a chain around her neck whose purpose is unknown Yet.

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Liko has a hairpin similar to the Pokemon League logo, which used to be on Ash’s original hat. This similarity has caused speculation about her relationship and connection with the original Pokemon Animie’s Protagonist, Ash, and this is, for now, just a rumor among fans, and there isn’t any official word about this or the return of Ash to Pokemon. Let’s see what they have in the bag for us.

Liko’s Voice Actor in Pokemon Anime

Minori Suzuki covers Liko’s voice. She’s a 25-year-old voice actor. She’s known for her singing powers. She has been voiced in famous anime, like Akiho Shinomoto in Cardcaptor Sakura. She has worked with the Pokemon franchise.

Yet Liko’s English voice actor hasn’t been released.

Who is Roy In Pokemon Anime?

Roy is the other main character in the Pokemon Horizons Anime. He is the male protagonist, alongside Liko, the female protagonist.

Roy has a mysterious Pokeball. His Pokeball is unique and unlike any other pokeball we’ve seen previously in the Pokemon Franchise. However, the purpose of Roy’s Pokeball is yet unknown.

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Roy wears a shirt with an “R” on it, which fittingly might represent his first name’s initials. Roy comes from the Kanto Region, like the original Anime series’s protagonist, Ash Ketchum.

Roy’s Voice Actor in Pokemon Anime

Roy is voiced by Yuka Tersaki. Yuka Terasaki is a 39-year-old female voice actor. Just like Ash, Roy is also Voiced by a female voice actor. Just like Liko’s voice actor, Yuka is also featured in Macross Delta. She also has huge roles in famous anime shows, such as Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Roy’s English actor is also yet to be released.

That’s all on who Liko and Roy are in the new Pokemon anime. I hope it cleared up all your confusion.