Who Invited My Man Blud: How And When Did It Originate?

Ever heard of this meme before; “Who Invited My Man Blud?” The question is how and when did it originate? Read the article to find out.

Who invited my man blud is a popular catchline that mocks people who intend to become members of a particular group (for example, an athletes’ group) but are not its members despite striving to do so.

Meme makers highlight these aspirants with a red circle. It has garnered immense popularity on YouTube and other social media platforms.

How and When did it Originate?

The meme originated in 2021 after a video posted by Adidas Football went viral.

Who Invited a Man Blud’ Becomes Popular

The meme was generated from a video posted by Adidas Football on their YouTube Channel entitled Welcome to Speedfulness X Speedflow Experience. This video recorded a Zoom call announcing a new partnership’s commencement.

Several professional players comprising, including Scott McTominay, Mohamad Salah, and Karim Benzema, were a part of the video. This popular video crossed 152,100 views within a year. 

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An anonymous meme maker shared a screenshot from this video while encircling Scott McTominay-a Manchester United player. They shared this tweet on iFunny, captioning it, “Who invited my man blud?” Another Twitter user M Shass shared the meme and the description ‘Arsenal in the race to sign Messi”. In a year, this tweet got over 950 likes.

The meme’s popularity soared when page 101 Great Goals reposted it in October 2021. It instantly earned 3800 likes on various social media platforms like Facebook. Several other pages shared the meme, contributing to its becoming more well-known.

The Canadian Rapper Drake was also the subject of this meme. At the same time, he sat in the Kentucky NCAA Basketball locker room, and a Twitter user DiscordReturns, posted this using the caption, ‘Who invited my guy blud?” and “Bro believes he is on the team.”