Dark and Darker: How To Get Ancient Scroll

Different types of loot are present in the dark and darker dungeons; among them, one is called the Ancient Scrolls. Among all the different kinds of loot, it is not apparent about the functionality of Ancient Scroll. These are not weapons or any other type of item you’ll use to defeat others, So what is this item?

Suppose you need clarification about this item called the ancient scroll sitting idle in your inventory; in this Article. In that case, I’ll Explain every bit of the Ancient scroll and where to use these, so stay tuned and read the following Article about dark and darker how to get the ancient scroll. 

Explanation of Ancient Scroll

The ancient scroll is a loot-type object in Dark and Darker. But as with other types of loot used for defending or attacking, the ancient scroll’s purpose is just to sell. The ancient scrolls can be sold for around 7-75, depending on their rarity. 

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If you want to gather more gold for future purposes, it’s a fine thing to get an ancient scroll, but a better option is to pick those of high rarity.

Dark and Darker
Dark and Darker how to get ancient scroll

Where and How to Get Ancient Scroll

There are a few reasons to hunt for Ancient Scrolls in Dark and Darker as they aren’t essential items however, You can find Ancient Scrolls in various areas of Dark and Darker dungeons. The best place to find ancient scrolls with different rarities is treasure chests.

This is the explanation of the Ancient scroll and its purpose. These items don’t have other purposes, whether you can store them in your inventory or sell them in exchange for gold.

Unfortunately, The Ancient Scroll currently does not serve any purpose In Dark and Darker. It needs to be clearly defined by the company about future uses of Ancient Scroll, but to date, this is the only purpose of this item.

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