Who is Harryhook Twitch Streamer? 

Let’s talk about the former famous Twitch Streamer and professional Overwatch player, HarryHook. 

Jonathan Tejedor Rua, famously known as HarryHook, is a famous Twitch star and content creator. He has thousands of followers on Twitch. His channel has streamed for thousands of hours. 

This article will help you know the details about HarryHook—his bio, wiki, age, birthday, family details, relations, and more. I have collected all this data by searching various forums online. So let’s get to know about HarryHook.

Harryhook Twitch Streamer

HarryHook’s Personal Info

  • Real name: Jonathan Tejedor Rua
  • Stage name: HarryHook
  • From: HarryHook if from Mexico 
  • He can speak fluent English and Spanish. 
  • He is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys
  • He is also a good friend of fellow Overwatch streamer, Seagul.
  • Hobbies of HarryHook include Reading, photography, learning, traveling, and more.

HarryHook’s early life information—where he was born, his birthday, who his parents are, and more—isn’t known. He has kept them private.

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HarryHook Stats

HarryHook is a Twitch streamer and a professional Overwatch player. He is known for his time with the Dallas Fuel, where he played the support role. HarryHook is known for his skilled Mercy play and is considered one of the best Mercy players in the world. 

HarryHook’s last stream was on June 15, 2023. He has not streamed since then, and it is unclear if he plans to return to streaming or professional overwatch. Here are the followers he has on social media platforms.

  • HarryHook Twitch Followers: 35k
  • HarryHook Instagram followers: 6.9k 

That is all there is to know about HarryHook. I hope this article answers all your questions.