Who is Janine Tate? Meet Andrew Tate, Only Sister 

Andrew Tate is a name that needs no introduction these days. He and his brother Tristan always make it to the headlines for some reason. However, in case you do not know, Andrew Tate is a highly famous British-American businessman and kickboxer.

While Andrew and Tristan enjoy the limelight, they have another sibling who does quite the opposite-Janine Tate. Janine Tate is the only sister of Andrew Tate.

This article will uncover all the details about Janine Tate-her biography, career, age, net worth, and more.

Andrew Tates Sisters
Janine Tate


Janine Tate was born to Emory Andrew Tate and Eileen in Bedforeshire, UK, 1992. Her father, Emory, was a successful American chess player. She has a British-American Nationality and currently lives in Kentucky. Janine has two brothers, Andrew and Tristan. 


Janine followed a different path from her brothers. She is a certified lawyer and lives in Kentucky. 

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Relation with Brothers

Janine is not on excellent terms with her brothers. She dislikes talking about her older brother Andrew Tate at all. Andrew himself says that he is not very close to his sister. The two have very different ideologies and are busy with their own lives. Janine is a passionate feminist, and her brothers, on the other hand, have a different ideology. 

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Janine Tate
Janine Tate


In 2023, Janine Tate’s 31 years old. 

Married Life 

Janine has recently tied the knot with Norman Webb. As of now, they don’t have any children. 

Height and Weight

Janine Tate has an average height and weight. According to sources, she weighs around 56 kg. Moreover, her height is anywhere around 5’4’’. 


Reportedly, Janine Tate’s net worth is around $300 000. It is significantly lower compared to her older brother Andrew Tate. Andrew’s net worth is approximately $700 million, while Tristan’s is $350 million.

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