How To Surrender in Valorant without F5

While playing Valorant, sometimes we encounter frustrating situations like high ping, bad opponents, or a poor team. we also face personal distractions or important tasks. Luckily, Valorant allows us to surrender and end the game early. This post explains how to surrender in Valorant and offers guidance on when it’s appropriate to do so.

how to surrender in valorant
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How To Surrender in Valorant without using the F5 key

Here’s a simple step you can to surrender in Valorant without using f5 key.

  1. Press Enter to open the chatbox.
  2. Type “/surrender” or “/ff” and press Enter.
  3. This will start a surrender vote.
  4. If four out of the five players on your team vote “yes,” the game will end.
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You can also surrender by finding and clicking the Surrender button located in the bottom right corner of the screen. But remember, this button will only show up if four out of five players on your team have already agreed to surrender.

In ranked matches, the entire team must agree to surrender. If you’re playing solo and want to give up in a game that seems unwinnable, it’s best to inform your teammates beforehand before initiating the surrender vote.

When considering a surrender in Valorant, there are a few additional factors to keep in mind

  1. If you surrender, you will not receive any XP or Renown for the match.
  2. You will also lose your current win streak if you surrender.
  3. If you surrender multiple times in a row, you may be penalized by the game.

Here are some tips for deciding whether or not to surrender

Consider the score

If your team is losing by a significant margin in Valorant, surrendering may be the best option to save time and regroup for the next match. However, ensure it is a collective decision and consider the potential for growth and learning from continuing the game.

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Consider the time remaining in the game

When there’s not enough time left in Valorant to make a comeback, surrendering is the best choice. It saves time and lets you regroup for future matches. It’s important to consider the limited time and decide together as a team. Surrendering in these situations avoids frustration and lets you focus on better chances of winning in the next games.

Consider the morale of your team

When your team is feeling frustrated and tilted in Valorant, surrendering can be the best choice. It allows you to reset and have a more positive gaming experience. Remember to decide together as a team and prioritize everyone’s well-being.

Consider the overall strategic situation

If you’re going up against a super strong team in Valorant and there’s no way you can win, surrendering is your best bet. It saves time and lets you move on to games where you actually have a shot at winning. No point in banging your head against the wall, right?

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In the end, the decision of whether to surrender or not lies with you and your team. There is no definitive right or wrong answer; it entirely depends on the specific circumstances unfolding in the game. Trust your collective judgment and make the best call based on the current situation.

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