Who is Karl Malone’s Son – Demetress Bell?

Karl Malore is regarded as a renowned and prestigious basketball player who has played for the Utah Jazz in the past. He was considered one of the best forwards in the game. He won two NBA MVP awards throughout his career and was a 14-time nominee for NBA all-star. 

He has also been involved in other controversies that have put him in the spotlight. Karl has also faced some hardships in his relationship, which the media talks about.

He is the father of seven children, with Demetress Bell being one of the most famous. Today’s article discusses Karl Malone and his denial of his relationship with his son. 

Who is Demetress Bell?

Demetress Bell is a renowned offensive tackle who played in the NFL between 2008-2013. During Bell’s career, he played for the three leading NFL teams Buffalo Bills, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Dallas Cowboys. 

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Although his career may not have proven successful, he was known for his physicality, determination, struggles, and multiple setbacks due to severe injuries during matches.

Why didn’t Karl Malone accept Demetress Bell as his child? – The controversy

Karl Malone and Demetress Bell do not have a typical father-son relationship. It is stated that when Karl played basketball in college, he gained all the fame and recognition for how he played before he began playing basketball professionally.

And rumors had it that Karl impregnated a 13-year-old girl named Gloria Bell, who gave birth to Demetress Karl Malone’s son during college. 

However, Karl denies this. Karl states that he was only 20 years old. The truth was revealed, and Karl was exposed as the father of Demetress Bell through a paternity suit.

The entire career of Karl Malore would’ve been at stake by now if the parents of Gloria Bell had filed a lawsuit against him, claiming and accusing him of r*pe. 

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Demetress got to see his father when he turned 18. However, when he did, he didn’t have an emotional attachment to it. He said, “I don’t hate him for not being in my life. It made me a better person.”