Who is Taylor Lewan’s Wife? Answered 

Taylor Lewan is a famous American Football player. He started playing football at his college in Michigan and has quite a few records to his name. He was part of the Tennessee Titans in the NFL until last year before he got injured. In his personal life, he has been married for a few years now, and they have two kids.

Taylor’s forever companion is Taylin Gallacher. They got married in July 2018. They married each other after two years. In this article, I have explained all about Taylor Lewan’s Wife by collecting data from over the internet. Read to know more about Taylor Lewan and his family.

Taylor Lewan’s Family

Taylin Gallacher
  • Mother: Kelly Rilley 
  • Father: Dave Lewan 
  • Brother: Bryce Lewan 
  • Wife: Taylin Gallacher

Taylor Lewan and his partner have two lovely daughters together:

  • Wynne Rebel
  • Willow Lewan

When did Taylor and Taylin Meet?

Taylin Gallacher is an American woman, and her early life information isn’t something she has shared with the world. But now, she has a public Instagram account where she shares everything with her followers.

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Taylor Lewan and Taylin Gallacher started dating in 2016. And they had their first daughter Wynne Rebel in 2017. They officially got married in 2018, two years after they started dating. And now they have their second daughter Willow Lewan in 2020. All four of them are living happily in Nashville.