Warframe Arcane Rise in 2024

Calling all Tenno! Are you ready to unleash the epic power of arcanes in Warframe? These incredible buffs can be equipped on your Warframes and weapons, bestowing you with increased damage, survivability, and valuable utility. 

Hold on tight, because, in 2023, the game is witnessing an electrifying resurgence with the arrival of the coveted Duviri Paradox Arcanes, taking the excitement to a whole new level!

Thanks to Digital Extremes’ dedication, getting your hands on arcanes has never been easier or more budget-friendly. Embrace their astounding might and become an unstoppable force in high-level play. 

This is your chance to join the ranks of the arcane revolution and dominate the battlefield like never before with your enhanced Warframes and mighty weapons!

Types of Arcanes

There are two main types of arcanes in Warframe: Warframe arcanes and weapon arcanes. Warframe arcanes are equipped on Warframes, while weapon arcanes are equipped on weapons.

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Warframe arcanes provide a variety of benefits, such as increased damage, survivability, or utility. Some of the most popular Warframe arcanes include:

Arcane Energize

Prepare to unleash a whirlwind of energy! With this arcane, you’ve got a chance to summon energy orbs whenever you use your abilities. No more running low on juice in those intense battles!

Arcane Grace

 Say goodbye to worrying about your health bar! When you take a hit, this arcane swoops in to give you a chance at restoring your precious health. Keep fighting like a true warrior!

Arcane Guardian

Need some extra protection? Look no further! This arcane might just come to your rescue by reducing the damage you take. Survivability just got a boost!

Arcane Nullifier

Sick of those annoying status effects messing with your groove? Fear not! This arcane has your back with a chance to clear those nasty effects, leaving you free to wreak havoc without restraint.

Weapon arcanes pack a punch! Enjoy increased damage, critical chance, and status chance. Top favorites include.

Arcane Avenger

Your shots just got deadlier! With this arcane, you’ve got a chance to increase your critical chance with every hit. Say hello to those sweet, devastating crits!

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Arcane Strike

Need to unleash some serious fury? This arcane can help you out! Get a chance to increase your attack speed with every hit, turning you into a whirling, unstoppable force!

Arcane Velocity

Need to kick things up a notch? This arcane is your ticket! You’ll have a chance to increase your fire rate with every hit, so you can unleash a hailstorm of bullets on your enemies!

Arcane Precision

Time to amp up your precision game! This arcane grants you a chance to increase your critical damage with every hit, ensuring your shots hit like a ton of bricks!

How to Get Arcanes

In Warframe, snagging those awesome arcanes comes in various flavors! Some of the most popular methods include:

Eidolon Hunts

Head to the Plains of Eidolon and take on those formidable Eidolons. Defeat them, and you might just be rewarded with some fantastic arcanes!


Join the excitement of the seasonal Nightwave event! Complete challenges to earn Nightwave points, which you can then exchange for arcanes in the Nightwave shop.

Gift of the Lotus

 Keep an eye out for this special event happening every few months. By conquering unique challenges during Gift of the Lotus, you can snag some cool arcanes!

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Trading with Players

Want to get your hands on specific arcanes? Trade with other players through the in-game trading system and build your dream setup!

The Future of Arcanes

Arcanes are the heart of Warframe and are here to stay! Exciting plans for new arcanes and better accessibility are on the horizon. Get ready to power up your Warframes and weapons for unstoppable adventures in the future!


In short, arcanes are a crucial part of Warframe, offering powerful buffs and versatility. They’re set to remain popular with continuous improvements, making them even more potent and accessible.

Your feedback is valuable to us as we provide gaming guides, news, and more. Stay tuned for exciting updates, fellow Tenno! Farewell for now and enjoy your adventures in the Origin System!

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