Who Were Some of the Old Minecraft YouTubers?

Are you a Minecraft player? Interested in knowing some old Minecraft YouTubers? Then you are in the right place my friend!

In this article we will be discussing about everything you should know about old Minecraft players, who once were very popular.

But before that let us know about what is content created by Minecraft YouTubers in brief.

So, without further ado let’s dig right into it!

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What was the content of Minecraft Youtuber focused on?

The first Minecraft YouTubers were people who had made videos about playing Minecraft. They showed their viewers how to build special houses and bridges because Minecraft is a game that encourages creativity, which was new for that time.

Later on, when the game added a mode called ‘survival mode’, many YouTubers started making videos and series about surviving in difficult conditions, which sound awesome no doubt.

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These videos became so popular, that till now people enjoy watching their favourite Youtubers streaming Minecraft.

After a while, few popular Minecraft YouTubers started making videos on ‘challenges.’ In these videos, they basically try to set difficult tasks for themselves, like trying to survive in the game without using any tools or staying alive on a deserted island for a hundred days to make it more exciting for their fans to watch, without getting bored of seeing same gameplay.

Then again a new mode was introduced named ‘mods’, which was basically additional animals and objects that players can use in the game and have while exploring the new things around them.

This gave Minecraft YouTubers new things to include in their videos.

Again these modes have given chances to Minecraft Youtubers to get more popular amongst their fans and it worked for sure.

Now, we can finally discuss about some OG Minecraft YouTubers from the past, so stay tuned till the end!

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CaptainSparklez is a very famous Minecraft YouTuber with 11.4 million subscribers. He had gained fame for his unique videos that combines some of the popular music with Minecraft visuals. His most popular video was “Take Back the Night – A Minecraft Original Music Video.”


DanTDM is also one of the popular Minecraft YouTuber with 27 million subscribers. He started his journey in 2012 and was well known for his creative Minecraft mod videos. His most popular video was “How I Met Dr Trayaurus,” which has 56 million views till now.


Yet, again a very popular Minecraft content creator with 10.7 million subscribers. He had gained recognition in July 2012 and is known for his cat-like looks and personality. Stampylonghead’s most popular video, was “Minecraft Xbox – Sinking Feeling,” which has over 61.5 million views.


SSundee is a very popular Minecraft YouTuber with 22.2 million subscribers. He has been entertaining his viewers since 2010, creating very funny and entertaining Minecraft challenges like prison escapes and surviving on deserted islands.

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One of his best videos are “Funny Animations that will make you laugh (Among Us),” which gained massive popularity with 41.5 million views and fans loved it.

So, that all for our list!

Which is your favourite Minecraft YouTubers?

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