Hogwarts Legacy: How To Make Money?

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter and you are an owner of a PS 4, PS 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, or PC, you should get your hands on the RPG Video game take on the Harry Potter Series: Hogwarts Legacy. It allows fans like you to live in the Hogwarts world virtually.

There are many aspects in the game, for example, learning new magic and abilities, but you need the in-game currency. The currency in Hogwarts Legacy is called Galleons. You realize how essential Galleons are when you visit Hogsmeade, potions, and brooms. You need to earn it. 

So how do I get Galleons? You need to do a little bit of work to get the upgrades, potions, or brooms, so let’s get into this article, where I am going to tell you all the ways you can earn money.

How do you farm money in Hogwarts Legacy?

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Here are the best ways you can farm money in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Collect The Eyeballs Chests 

The first way to get money in Hogwarts Legacy is to collect and open Eyeball Chests opening them is a bit of work, as you’ll need the spell called Disillusionment.

This character you have to cast on yourself to make yourself. Make sure you stand well back of the eyeball chest, use the spell, and then walk up to it and open it.

This work is definitely worth it, as you will get 500 Galleons from it.

Pick Your Side Quests Wisely

There are some quests on the menu that advise that you’ll be rewarded with money if you’re on the poor side, so pick those guests to get money. Also, at the end of some quests, there will be the option to ask for more money if you’re doing a Morally Dubious run; then, this should not be a problem for you.

Spam Revelio 

Revelio is a nifty little spell that you unlock early on in the path of the main quest of Hogwarts.   you will see treasure chests and little bags of gold scattered worldwide.

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Sell your Unwanted Gear

Holding on to your unwanted gear is only possible once you need it if you love hoarding items. There are plenty of shops in Hogsmeade that will buy pretty much anything from you except potions or plants.

Here’s how much your gear will get you:

  • Green Gear: 60 Galleons 
  • Blue Gear: 90 Galleons 
  • Purple Gear: !50 Galleons 
  • Gold Gear: 200 Galleons

Farm Some Beasts

In the game, capturing and selling some beasts will profit you, so take notice of the idea of getting some Galleons. There’s a “Brood and Peck” shop in Hogsmeade where you can sell your unwanted rescued beasts for 120 Gallons each, no matter what type of beast it is. 

This is all for how to make money in the Hogwarts Legacy guide for more relevant guides do check our Hogwarts Legacy guides section.

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