Zelda: TotK: Tobio’s Hollow Cave Location and more

Zelda: Totk Tobio’s Hollow Cave can lead you to some exciting rewards. To get into the Utojis Shirnes, you need to explore Tobio’s Hollow Cave.  When you visit Tobio’s Hollow Cave Location, you have to fight with some enemies in a cave, and at last, you can have the Utojis Shrine. 

It’s a  pretty exciting task where you must face the Keese, Electric Chuchus, and a riddle to get the shrines.

Let’s discuss in brief Tobio’s Hollow Cave and Utojis Shrines. 

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Tobio’s Hollow Cave Location Coordinates and Puzzle

Tobio’s Hollow Cave Location Coordinates

In Zelda: TotK map Tobio’s Hollow Cave is on the East Necluda Region. It’s on the mountain at 1161, -2429, 0172 coordinates. Also, Utojis Shirnes are at 1218, -2543, 0216 coordinates.  Further, in that location, you can also find the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower and Jiukoum Shirnes in the rocky area of Faron. 

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As you reach the mentioned coordinate, on north north-facing side of the hill you have to enter the cave. Now, be prepared for the Keese as you step into the cave. It won’t be hard for you to kill the Keese. Also, don’t forget to pick up the keese wings drops. It will come in handy while completing shrines. 

Electric Chuchus

After that, the next obstacle is Electric Chuchus, make sure you don’t go near them and attack them at some distance. Otherwise, you might get an electric shock. We will suggest you use the arrows or throw a weapon to defuse the electric chuchus. 

Campsite Area

Head further in Tobio’s Hollow Cave, you will reach an abandoned campsite location with weapons, a pedestal, and a pillar. Head closer to the campsite and you will find a book.

The book will help you to solve Tobio’s Hollow Cave Shrine Puzzle. You may also find the two barrels at that location. Surrounding the barrel, you can find the two Zonaite Spears. If you are lucky enough, you can get the rewards for destroying the barrels. 

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Reach on the Top of Pedestal

Grab the Zonaite Spears from there and reach the top of Pedestal. As you step on the pedestal, it will activate and start shining in green color. Also, from there a hollow ring will start to glow too. 

Use the book

The book will recommend you use the Zonaite  Spears and Keese Wings to fuse your spears. Now, still, standing on the pedestal, aim to the Hollow Ring in Tobio’s Hollow Cave. If you directly target the ring, it might not reach there. You have to aim the ring in the arc shape, most probably on the 45 or 60 degrees, so the spear can target and reach the ring. Otherwise, it will lend before. 

If you can shoot the Fused Zonaite  Speare through the hollow ring, the Utojis Shrine will activate on the left. You can have that Utojis Shrine now, you don’t need to perform any activity further. It’s the Rauru’s Blessing, you will receive the Light of Blessing and treasure Large Zonai Charge. 

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That’s all in the Tobio’s Hollow Cave and Utojis Shrine. 


You have to reach to the coordinate 1161. -2429, 0172. There you can find Tobio’s Hollow Cave. In there, you have to face some enemies and reach the Campsite area with Keese Wings.

From there you will find the spears and you have to fuse the spear with the Kesse Wings. Throw the fused spear on the hollow ring and you will have the Light of Blessing and Utojis Shrine rewards Large Zonai Charge at the end of it. 

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