Persona 5 Royal Confidant : Justice (Goro Akechi)

Persona 5 is a large JRPG with a lot to do. However, the series revolves around going on dates and hanging out with your pals in order to level up your summonable monsters. Persona 5’s narrative will immediately unlock Akechi’s confidant. 

After the plot events on 6/10, the player can begin working on the Justice confidant for Akechi. Persona 5’s confidant is rated up automatically throughout the tale in the original version. Akechi may be located outside Kichijoji’s Penguin Sniper Lounge.


2Sleuthing InstinctChance to reveal one enemy affinity at the start of battle.
4Smooth talkIf negotiation with a god-like Shadow fails, you can try again
6Sleuthing MasteryChance to reveal all of one enemy’s affinities at the start of battle.
6Follow upChance to perform a follow-up attack if Joker’s attack does not down the enemy.
7Harisen RecoveryChance to cure status ailments inflicted upon party members
MaxEndureChance to withstand an otherwise fatal attack with 1 HP remaining
MaxProtectChance to shield Joker from an otherwise fatal attack.
RoyalSecond Awakening RFuse with the mythological Trickster, awakening its true power.

Rank 2

Response 1You always seem so busy. +2Do you have no friends? +0
Response 2Is that your win? +0Not bad. +0
Response 3Shoot very carefully. +2I’ll go for a power shot. +2
Response 4You used your right hand. +0…Aren’t you left-handed? +0
Response 5Maybe i’ll be a detective. +2No holding back next time. +2I see a lot of things. +3
Follow upSure. +0I’ll think about it. +0As rivals? +2

Rank 3

Level 3 Charm Required

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Response 1Got a sweet tooth, huh? +0Come here often? +0
Response 2Should’ve figured. +3Your life must be so hard. +2I can shoo them away… +0
Response 3You’ve done nothing wrong. +0Why the rush? +0
Response 4How about we find out? +0Come here a sec. +0
Response 5You looked great. +0It was a necessary evil. +0I should’ve taken a picture. +0
Follow upThat was careless, huh? +0Wasn’t it fun? +2I can always dress you up again.

Rank 4

Response 1What kind of place is this? +0This looks shady… +0
Response 2Do they have coffee? +2But I’m underage. +0Now this is my kind of club. +3
Response 3Any recommendations? +3Anything’s fine by me. +2An ice-cold beer for me. +0
Response 4It’s a great place. +2I feel a bit nervous. +0
Response 5A run-down cafe. +0A shop with great coffee. +0I live there, actually. +0
Response 6Pretty frequently. +3I can use a microwave. +3All I need is curry. +2
Follow upWhat are you talking about? +0I kinda get it. +2You really are having fun. +0

Rank 5

Response 1All the time. +0I’m not great at them. +0Have you played any? +0
Response 2Are you used to gunplay? +2You took that seriously, huh. +0
Response 3You wanted to be a hero? +3Very interesting. +2Hard to imagine. +0
Response 4Sticking to your justice. +0Doing what people want. +0Neither, really. +0
Follow upYou did fine. +2You’ve got a long way to go. +2You were getting cocky. +2

Rank 6

Response 1So relaxing… +2Seeing you here is weird. +0A while, huh? +3
Response 2That was horrible of her. +0… You’ve been through a lot. +2
Response 3This is nothing. +3I’ll stay until you’re ready. +3Are YOU okay? +2
Response 4Same. +3I’m just fine. +0Guess I win. +2
Response 5Because we get along. +2Because we’re similar. +2
Response 6I think you’re right. +3I don’t know about that. +0Can I put my clothes on? +2
Follow upTrue. +0They’d probably love it. +0My bad, I guess. +2

Rank 7

Response 1Yeah, it’s convoluted. +2That’s why it’s so fun. +3
Response 2The psychotic breakdowns. +0What’re you getting at? +0
Response 3I’ve made up my mind. +0I won’t miss my shot. +0
Response 4It’s thanks to you. +2I couldn’t let myself lose. +3
Response 5But we’re teammates now. +0Want to join us? +0
Response 6I’ll think about it. +0I’m not doing that. +0You’re my rival. +0
Follow upDo I? +0I don’t know. +0We’re rivals, aren’t we? +2

Rank 8

Response 1What’d you want to discuss? +0Why are we in Mementos? +0
Response 2I thought you meant in pool. +0You want to fight? +0But why, though? +0
Response 3All right. +0Let’s do this. +0
Response 4Are you satisfied? +0Was that all you got? +0Do you want to keep going? +0
Response 5I’d say the same for you. +0The feeling mutual. +0
Response 6I definitely wouldn’t lose. +3I don’t know. +0Probably. +0
Response 7Same here. +0Really hate losing, don’t you. +3
Response 8I accept. +0Let me think about it. +0

That’s all you need to know about Goro Akechi in Persona 5 as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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