All Wild Hearts Voice Actors As Characters

Wild Hearts Voice Actors: Hello, Gamers! The brand-new game, Wild Hearts, has announced its voice actors for the game. Some are well-known personalities. While others are unknown to most people. Are you curious to know who will be giving voice to your favourite characters?

Keep reading until the end, and you will get to know everything related to Wild Hearts Game and the voice actors cast for the game.

So, without further ado let’s begin!

Everything about Wild Hearts Game Explained

Wild Hearts is a brand-new video game that premieres in 2023. The game is set in a fantasy world like ancient Japan, and you will have a variety of characters to choose from. It’s basically an action-packed RPG game made by Omega Force and published by Electronic Arts.

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Now let’s come to the list of voice actors who are going to give their voices to your favourite characters.

Comprehensive List of Wild Hearts Voice Actors

Following are the Voice Actors in Wild Hearts.

1. Yuki Matsuzaki as Ujishige Daidouji

Yuki Matsuzaki as Ujishige Daidouji
wild hearts voice actors

He is a Japanese actor who has played many roles in movies and television, and now he is finally lending his voice to a character in the game named Ujishige Daidouji of Wild Hearts.

2. Miracle Vell Magic as Natsume

Miracle Vell Magic as Natsume
wild hearts voice actors

She is playing the role of Natsume, known as the first citizen and black wizard in the game, Miracle is a social media influencer and creates videos related to music. This will be her first step into the world of voice acting.

3. Crystal Kay as Suzuran

Crystal Kay as Suzuran
wild hearts voice actors

Crystal is a popular Japanese songwriter, actress, and radio host. She is giving voice for Suzuran in Wild Heart game known for her wisdom and knowledge and mostly referred to as “Sensei” in Wild Heart game.

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4. Yurie Collins as Seren

Yurie Collins as Seren
wild hearts voice actors

She is a popular actress and well-known for her voice. She is lending voice to the Seren is a character that is leader of builders in the Minato.

5. Yuta Koga as Mujina

Yuta Koga as Mujina
wild hearts voice actors

Yuta Koga is a Japanese actor and also director of a short films. He is giving the voice to Mujina one of mysterious character from Wild Hearts.

6. Kane Kosugi as Nobumitsu Tsumori

Kane Kosugi as Nobumitsu Tsumori
wild hearts voice actors

He is a popular actor know for its role in DOA: Dead or Alive. He is also lending voice to Nobumitsu Tsumori, who is known to be leader of the Fishermans Guild.

7. Mai Nakazato as Yataro

Mai Nakazato as Yataro
wild hearts voice actors

She is a popular actress and has played many roles in Japanese movies. She is playing the role of Yataro, a character known for providing varieties of accessories to the players in the game.

There are other characters as well that you can explore in the game as follows:

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Asia Grace Sawane as Toga-Hime, Kane Kosugi as Nobumitsu Tsumori, Takayuki Yanagi as Tamakazura, Marika Dandoy as Kōgyoku.

Lastly, we have compiled all characters in one article. Do let us know your thoughts about the game. Are you looking forward to playing this game? Let us know in the comments section!