7DS Tier List: Strongest Characters Ranked (September 2022)

This 7DS Tier List has all strongest and weakest characters of the seven deadly sins grand cross video game in 2022.

Here we are with our new tier list, this tier has listed the different characters as per their ranking and rating in different tiers, the 7ds ( 7 Deadly Sins ) is the Japanese anime. The 7ds has a genre of adventure and fantasy. The 7ds is written by Makaba Suzuki and published by Kodansha.  The game is inspired by this concept. If you love anime character games then it will be the best in 2022.

There are so many players in the game and after every update, the developers add a few more characters also. The ranking is done from S+ to D tier. In which the S+ tier have the highest overall gaming performance and the fifth number have the lowest performance ratio in the seven deadly sins grand gross global. You can choose the player from this list mentioned.

But before that, as you choose the character and do not utilize the skills of the player then you are not gonna win, if you use the mid-range character or the lowest tier character but you know how to use skills then you can survive in the game. But some of the characters in the game are still the worst according to us and we will recommend not using that character.

The weeks are passed in 2022 so here is the list for the different tiers of characters

S+ Tier 7DS Characters:

7ds tier list

The S+ and S tier player is the strongest player in the games, the player will serve the win easily if you use their skill as required in the match. If you have this character in the game then you will enjoy playing the character role.

  • The Four Archangels Tramiel
  • Hijack Gowther
  • Halloween Gowther
  • Purgatory Ban
  • Holy Warrior Elizabeth
  • Invincible Avatar Escanor
  • The four Archangles Sariel
  • The goat sin of lust gowther
  • Lostvayne Meliodas
  • Elite Demon Zeldris
  • Divine Protection Merlin
  • Ragnarok LostVayne Meliodas
  • Napping reaper cusack
  • Protector king harlequin
  • Starry nights illusion lillia

S Tier 7DS Characters:

7ds grand cross

The tier one player is great but the character has lagged in some skills:

  • Chosen king arthur
  • Sweet temptation
  • Camelot’s sword arthur
  • Ten commandments derieri
  • Stranger things eleven
  • re zero emilia
  • Holy knight escanor
  • Sunny vacatio eastin
  • The lion sin of pride escanor
  • Stranger things jim
  • Signs of maturity king
  • Ashem desire hendrickson
  • The grizzly sin of sloth king
  • Advent of destruction lillia
  • KOF ‘98 kyo
  • Mastermind lillia
  • Knight of wrath meliodas
  • The boat sin of gluttony merlin
  • Collector merlin
  • The four archangels ludociel
  • Assault mode meliodas
  • Collector merlin
  • Halloween roxy
  • Executioner Zeldris
  • The boar sin of gluttony merlin

A Tier 7DS Characters:

seven deadly sins grand cross

Tier two characters have some or fewer skills than others but still can be used to win the match.

The tier two characters list is mentioned below:

  • Destined heir arthur
  • Light of hope arthur
  • Halloween hunter slater
  • Halloween protective heart diane
  • Kof ‘98 athena
  • The serpent sin of diane
  • Elite demon derieri
  • Creation diane
  • Ruler of stormy seas Eastin
  • The ten commandments Drole
  • Oceanic harmonizer Eastin
  • Cadet corps Eren Jaeger
  • Champion Griamore
  • Elite demon gloxinia
  • Reincarnation of revenge helbram
  • Harlequin King
  • Tempest howzer
  • Elite demon Melascula
  • Kof ‘98 Mai
  • Greatest soldier Mikasa Ackerman
  • Dungeon Raider Shin
  • Elite Demon Monspeet
  • Earthshaker Valenti
  • Advent of destruction Mono
  • The Ten Commandments Zeldris
  • Stranger Things Will

B Tier 7DS Characters:

7ds characters

The list of tier three players is listed below you can choose any one of them for battles.

  • Outlaw Ban
  • King of Prophecies Arthur
  • Ale Collector Ban
  • The Pleiades of the Blue sky Death Perce
  • Zero Beatrice
  • Halloween Elaine
  • Liones Elizabeth
  • Sweet Temptation Elaine
  • A New Adventure Elizabeth
  • Reverse Elizabeth
  • New Legend Elizabeth
  • Mascot Elizabeth
  • Titan Form Eren Jaeger
  • Elite Demon Galland
  • Ten commandments Galland
  • Rapier Guilla
  • Forest Guardian Helbram
  • Knight Of Ice Gustaf
  • Sweet Temptation Jenna
  • New Legend Jericho
  • Godspeed Knight Jericho
  • Knight of Frost Jericho
  • Greatest Soldier LEvi
  • Forest Guardian King
  • Bringer of Disaster Lillia
  • Ten Commandments Melascula
  • Memory Fragment Liz
  • The Dragon sin of Wrath Meliodas
  • Deathbringer Mono
  • New legend Meliodas
  • Swift Sword Nanashi
  • Mad Destroyer Roxy
  • Knighthood Of Scraps
  • Halloween Shin
  • Sweet Temptation Zaneri
  • Overpower Slater
  • Reincarnation of conviction Zaratras
  • Sunny vacation Valenti
  • Stranger things Mike

C Tier 7DS Characters:

strongest characters in 7ds
  • The Fox Sin of Green Ban
  • Beard of the Mountain Cat Alloni
  • Nunchaku Ban
  • The six Knight of Black Bellion
  • Executor of Darkness Camila
  • Burning Ember Cain
  • The Pleiades of the Azure sky Denzel
  • The Seven Deadly Sins Diane
  • Heart of the Land Diane
  • Matrona Diane
  • Eternal promises Diane
  • Kungfu master Diane
  • The Pleiades of the blue sky Dogedo
  • Break Dreyfus
  • Omen of chaos Dreyfus
  • Boar hat of Tavern Elizabeth
  • Ten commandments Estarossa
  • Wings of the sky Elatte
  • ELite Demon Fraudrin
  • Thunderbolt Gilthunder
  • Memories of years Gerharde
  • Star of kingdom Gilthunder
  • Weird fangs golgius
  • Ten commandments Gloxinia
  • Lioness hero Gowther
  • Explosion Guila
  • Wanted man Gowther
  • Hallooween Guila
  • Royalty Hepburn
  • Knighthood of Scraps Disposal Hawk
  • Omen of chaos Hendrickson
  • New Generation Jericho
  • Adventure Jericho
  • Roars of Dawn Jillian
  • Boom boom Pow Maarmas
  • Disaster King
  • Fang of the land Matrona
  • Boar Hat Tavern Meliodas
  • The seven deadly sins Meliodas
  • Halloween Meliodas
  • Tyrant of destruction Milim
  • Infinity Merlin
  • Ten Commandments Monspeet
  • Rule of monsters Rimuru
  • Weird Fangs Ruin
  • Slime Rimuru
  • Roars of Dawn Slater
  • Reincarnation of Obsession Vivian
  • Confirmation Twigo
  • Roars of Dawn Weinheidt

D Tier 7DS Characters:

weakest 7ds characters
  • The Pleiades of the Blue Sky Deldry
  • Snatch Ban
  • The Pleiades of the blue sky arden
  • Roars of Dawn Simon
  • Vaizel flight festival Taizoo
  • Roars of Dawn Hugo
  • Adventure Griamore
  • Star of the Kingdom Howzer
  • Melt Hendrickson
  • Lioness royalty Howzer
  • Weird fangs friesia
  • Kijin Benimaru
  • Weird fangs Jude
  • Undead Ban
  • Protector of Dolls King
  • Fairy king’s Forest Elaine
  • The seven Deadly Sins King
  • Iron Wall Knight Griamore

You can choose the character you like to play in the game, the characters are mentioned in order of highest-ranking to lowest ranking as per our sources, the list can be different as you like to rate the characters.

The game is inspired by the book, the game characters are created from the book and after every update, the new characters are also added to the game. The game is quite gaining popularity in recent years due to this character and their skills.

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