Hearthstone Mercenaries Tier List (Nov. 2022) Character Ranked

Hearthstone Mercenaries tier list: Hearthstone is a new kind of card game that anyone can play online and this is also a free-to-play game. This Hearthstone ok online card game was invented by Blizzard Entertainment. This game was released for PC in March 2014 and in that year after a few months, it was released with ports for iOS and Android.

The first time, the title of the game was Heroes of Warcraft when it was released and this was due to Hearthstone originally binding to and boosting upon the existing lore of the Warcraft series. And it was done by utilizing the elements, and characters throughout Warcraft.

The game enhanced its characters out of the Warcraft university and also Blizzard Entertainment just like Diablo. Hearthstone game similarly added various types of modes to its card system and Mercenaries is one of those kinds of modes.

Mercenaries Mode in Hearthstone Card Game

Mercenaries, a new mode of game acquitted for Hearthstone online game on 12th October 2021. The basic major dissimilarity between Mercenaries and the original game mode is the mercenaries from this mode utilized all of the actual characters.

From the Blizzard game and besides it, the merely constructed cards utilized prior to the release of this model. Mercenaries also provide exclusive free rewards which are very attractive for players.

hearthstone mercenaries tier list

The mercenaries in this kind of mode are so innumerable so we have enlisted the best ones in a list to utilize which is based on a contrast of an old gaming tier list.

This list was enlisted by High-level players, Thijs Molendijk, Youtuber and there is our personal opinion also. This list might be very on the users but this will be quite beneficial.

S-Tier: Hearthstone Mercenaries Characters

     Name   Role   Tribe     Info
Garrosh HellscreamProtectorOrcThis is a significant gifted Orc warrior and this is a future potential character also.
Cairne BloodhoofProtectorTaurenThis is the commander of the Tauren and a skilled powerful character also.
XyrellaCasterDraeneiThis is a priest with accurate visible power.
Vol’jinCasteTrollThis is the real war chief of the chieftain and Hord of the tribe.
Gul’danCasterOrcIt was the initial and first Orc Warlock and also a founder of the Orc Horde.


Carole RoameProtectorHumanIt is a legendary paladin who halted her vow to find her sister
DiabloFighterDemonIt is a ruler of Hell and prime evils also
RokaraFighterOrcIt is a skilled and powerful important Orc warrior of the Horde
SaurfangFighterOrcIt is a skilled and powerful important Orc warrior of the Hord

B-Tier: Hearthstone Mercenaries Characters

Anduin WrynnCasterHumanIt is powerful mage of stormwind
BrightwingCasterDragonIt is a skilled Faerie Dragon of the Emerald Dreamway
Cornelius RoameProtectorHumanIt is a skilled legendary human warrior
Kurtrus AshfallenProtectorNight ElfIt is a legendary Demon Hunter that left Illidan
Gain a ProudmooreCasterHumanIt is a powerful human sorceress
Malfurion StormrageProtectorNight ElfIt is one of the directors of the Night Elves
Prophet VelenCasterDraeneiIt is a leader of the Draenei
Tamsin RoameCasterUnreadIt is an undead Horde Warlock
Tirion FordringFighterHumanSupreme leader of the Argent Crusade
UtherCasterHumanIt is a leader of the human Paladins
Varden DawngraspCasterBlood ElfIt is a skilled blood elf mage

C-Tier: Hearthstone Mercenaries Characters

TyrandeFighterNight ElfIt is one of the highest leveled Night Elf priestess and also wife of Malfurion Stormrage
Tavish StormpikeFighterDwarfIt is a skilled Dwarf fighter
Scabbs CutterbutterFighterGnomeIt is a legendary skilled Gnome fighter
RexxarFighterHalf OrcIt is a half orc fighter and as well as Half ogre champion of Horde
RagnarosProtectorElementaryIt is a skilled elemental lord of fire
Milhouse ManastormCasterGnomeIt is a skilled and powerful Gnome mage
Lady AnacondraFighterNight ElfIt is one of the Fanglords
King MuklaProtectorBeastIt is a massive Skymane Gorilla
King krushFighterBeastIt is extremely dangerous devilsaur
Huff RunetotemCasterTaurenIt is a legendary Tauren Druid
Bru’kanCasterTrollIt is a skilled shaman
Blink FoxCasterBeastIt is a common rogue fox
Grommash HellscreamProtectorOrcIt was skilled legendary chieftain of the warsong clan

D-Tier: Hearthstone Mercenaries Characters

AlexstraszaProtectorDragonLegendary skillful dragon understood as the Aspect of the Red Dragonflight
AntonidasCasterHumanIt is a skilled archmage
Baron GeddonCasterElementalIt is a skilled fire element of the Rune of Zeth
GruulProtectorGiantIt is a leader of the Ogres of Outland
IllidanFighterNight ELFIt was the foremost Demon Hunter and even the twin brother of Malfurion Stormrage
Lord JaraxxusProtectorDemonIt is one of the most powerful Eredar Demon Lords of the Burning Legion
MannorothProtectorDemonIt is the most skilled of the Pit Lords
Morgi the OracleCasterMurlocIt is a powerful Murloc Shaman
MutanusFighterMurlocIt is a powerful creature of Wailing Caverns
Old Murk EyeFighterMurlocIt is a skilled Murloc of Westfall Lighthouse
War Master VooneFighterTrollIt is a skilled and elite Troll fighter
Varian WrynnProtectorHumanIt is the king of Stormwind and also a high king of the Grand Alliance
RathorianFighterDemonIt is a skilled Felguard

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum rank in Hearthstone Mercenaries?

 The maximum rank of a mercenary is currently 30. When you level up, the health and sometimes attacks will be improved.

How do Mercenaries function in Hearthstone?

Mercenaries get their extremely own Questlog and Achievements through the Campfire. Once a day, Mercenaries will stand by the flame and propose a new Task for you to finalize. After finalizing your task, you can return to the Campfire to compile your reward.

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