Revived Witch Tier List Powerful Witches Ranked

Searching for the Revived Witch tier list to filter the strongest characters in the game. Because there are lots of playable characters available in the game and picking the perfect character is kind of a confusing task for every player.

Here we featured a Revived Witch tier list based on the current game meta with the help of the gaming community of Revived Witch on Discord, Reddit and more. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

Revival Witch Tier List

Revived Witch Tier List

This tier list is based on the current game meta of all character’s stats such as survival rate, damage, defence and support. we examine this tier list on December 15, 2022.

Tiers Characters
SKapla, Metamorphoses, Mineer, Amanami, Affalen, Ushpia, Ella, Arcana, The Miracle Cathering, Tuonel, Akasha, Dorin, Yui, Celanya.
AKyphon, Lilia, Ushpia, Sher, Tuonel of Night, Goorveig, Datheios, Ella, La Crima, Mayahuel, Yui, Caledonia, Nannar, Blue Shift Watcher, Cynetia, Cersivey.
BFlora, Tama, Flora of Melody Lake, Inn & Lou, Norn, Nom, Hilda, Pakane.
CShuffle, Miku, Viola, Primula, Yothaya, Anemone, Mortimer, Cuspidata, Acheronte, Nocturna, Octavia, Ruda, Czerni, Avail, Elis, Fey, Croche, Mikoto, Yurugu, Nemesi, Eulalia.

The Destroyer Tier List

SYui, Kapla, Raphan
AParfait, Ella
CHilda, Miku, Fey, Suigetsu

The Guardian Tier List

SAfallen, The Miracle Catherine
ANannar, Caledonia, Tuonel of Night
BLuan, Avil
CCetess, Yurugu

The Assassin Tier List

SIsabel, Akasha, Celanya
ABlue Shift Watcher, Phrygia
BNocturna, Inn & Lou
CNemesi, Shuffle, Elis

The Mage Tier List

SMineer, Ushpia, Mayahuel
BFlora Dream Stage, Datheios, Anemone
CDana, Pakane, Cuspidata, Viola, Acheronte

The Mage Healer Tier List

STuonel, Amorai
ASher, Flora Melody of Lake
BNorn, Cynetia
CRuda, Croche, Mortimer, Primula, Eulalia, Yothaya

The Compeller Tier List

SEddine, Amanami, Dorin, Metamorphoses
ALa Crima, Cersivey, Goorveig, Arcana
CCzerni, Mikoto

This is sum up for the Revived Witch tier list hopefully you can find this tier list helpful. For more similar content do follow our Tier List Guides.

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