Epic Seven Tier List: Best To Worst Heroes (2024)

There are more than 100 characters are available in Epic Seven. Choosing the best character for the team is confusing. Especially for the newbies, here we made an Epic Seven-tier list of characters by analyzing their abilities, skills, power damage, defence and more.

Epic Seven is a well popular mobile RGP video game for Android and iOS devices. The game features HD anime-style 2D graphics that give an outstanding gameplay experience to players. Moreover, the gameplay comprises a gacha summoning system and turn-based battle with a broad array of collectible heroes.

epic seven tier list
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Epic Seven Tier List

The ranking is based on the best of PvE units, Abyss units, Boss Hunt units, Raids units, PvP Arena units and Guild War units. There are many dimensions to the game and these rankings will tell you if they are equal all over the game.

S-Tier List

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These are powerful heroes who dictate the way you create your fighting party almost always. They have excellent statistical growths that help them everywhere in the game. They still have some of the highest qualifications. Investing in such heroes as soon as you get them is a certain way of fighting later in the game.

The S-tier carries all the strongest heroes which are best at attacking and defending along with the supporting team. These are some of the best heroes in the ranking, all these heroes have the highest rating for getting glory in battle.

Arbiter Vildred5-StarThiefDark
Seaside Bellona5-StarRangerIce
Angelic Montmorancy5-StarSoul WeaverIce
Auxiliary Lots5-StarMageDark
Challenger Dominiel5-StarMageDark
Ruele of Light5-StarSoul WeaverLight
Martial Artist Ken5-StarWarriorDark
Specter Tenebria5-StarMageDark


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Heroes who make up much of the current goal of the game. They have statistical growths comparable to S-level heroes and their abilities are also useful in fighting.

Finally, in some cases, those characters are fine, if not large. They’re not the best, though. In contrast to the SS-Tier, several of these characters attack each enemy. Such attacks still do a great deal of damage, but the higher-ranking characters just don’t do the AoE.

While they aren’t always the best of the best, they provide many strengths and skills you can use to make any battle. You don’t get the same bonuses as the SS-Tier, but you can benefit a great deal. They’re not the dominant features of SS, but they’re still fine.

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These characters are not all bad choices, but they won’t always be game-changers in the battlefield.

Hero Rarity Class Element
Judge Kise5-StarWarriorLight
Roana5-StarSoul WeaverEarth
Diene5-StarSoul WeaverIce
Assassin Cartuja5-StarWarriorDark
Fallen Cecilia5-StarKnightDark
Angelica4-StarSoul WeaverIce
Blood Blade Karin4-StarKnightDark

This is where Epic Seven’s best characters rate. In PvP and PvE, these heroes are all brilliant, so that they have almost every part of the game to deal with.

There are plenty of other characters, some of which can play a solid part. Play with them, but ensure they are still at the top of your list.


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These heroes continue to be fine, but as additional units. You can continue to reach the finish with a complete B-tier group, but it will be much harder. Maintain these heroes, since certain heroes have very niche usage according to the composition of your faction.

Hero RarityClassElement
Ray5-StarSoul WeaverEarth
Assassin Coli4-StarThiefDark
Maid Chloe5-StarSoul WeaverLight
Shooting Star Achates4-StarSoul WeaverDark
Destina5-StarSoul WeaverEarth
Champion Zerato4-StarMageDark
Celestial Mercedes4-StarMageDark
Remnant Violet5-StarThiefDark
Falconer Kluri3-StarKnightEarth
Adventurer Ras3-StarKnightFire
Apocalypse Ravi5-StarWarriorDark
General Purrgis4-StarWarriorLight
Kitty Clarissa4-StarWarriorDark
Shadow Rose4-StarKnightDark
Specimen Sez5-StarThiefLight
Rin3-StarSoul WeaverEarth
Researcher Carrot3-StarMageFire
Mascot Hazel3-StarSoul WeaverFire
Baal and Sezan5-StarMageFire
Dark Corvus5-StarWarriorDark
All-Rounder Wanda3-StarRangerDark
Guider Aither4-StarMageLight

C Tier

epic 7 tier list

These are the average heroes that you can add to your team for additional support. However, most of the heroes on the list have the same power as A-tier heroes when it comes to skill sets and ratings. You can easily use these heroes for a certain team or a combination of the specified units.

These are ordinary heroes who will not blow everyone in the game. Use them only if you have in mind a particular party mix or if you like their skills.

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Hero  RarityClass Element
Blood Moon Haste5-starSoul WeaverDark
Crescent Moon Rin4-starThiefDark
Dingo4-starSoul WeaverLight
Fighter Maya4-starKnightLight
Assassin Cidd4-starThiefDark
Faithless Lidica4-starRangerLight
Wanderer Silk5-starRangerLight
Sinful Angelica4-starSoul WeaverDark
Ambitious Tywin4-starKnightLight
Desert Jewel Basar5-starSoul WeaverLight
Doris3-starSoul WeaverLight
Free Spirit Tiera4-starKnightEarth
Sage Baal and Sezan5-starMageLight
Jecht3-starSoul WeaverEarth
Righteous Thief Roozid3-starThiefEarth

D Tier

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These heroes have super growth in their ranking on abilities for combat. However, these tier heroes are left behind the terms of viability.

All the heroes in this tier list are not the best but can be used with different team combinations to surprise the attack. But change these heroes from your team to the strongest heroes once you’ve them.

Those heroes fell behind in terms of viability with their subpar statistical increase and lack of fighting skills. This isn’t the worst thing in the game — but it is pretty similar. Swap them out as you feel better.

Hero  RarityClassElement
Requiemroar3-starSoul WeaverDark
Chaos Inquisitor3-starKnightFire
Hazel3-starSoul WeaverFire
Church of Ilryos Axe3-starWarriorDark
Captain Rikoris3-starWarriorLight
Kizuna Al4-starRangerDark
Taranor Guard3-starWarriorIce
Aither3-starSoul WeaverIce

Lol Tier

It’s not worth fighting with these heroes unless it’s the beginning of the match. Immediately drop these heroes because they are going to peak early.

Hero  RarityClass Element
Tempest Surin3-StarThiefLight
Kikirat  V23-StarKnightLight
Benevolent Romann4-starMageLight
Troublemaker Crozet4-starKnightDark
Elson3-starSoul WeaverLight
Montmorancy3-starSoul WeaverIce
Roamin Warrior Leo4-starRangerDark
Butcher Corps Inquisitor3-starKnightFire
Taranor Royal Guard3-starKnightIce

Note: Only the Ultimate Tier List has the explanation because these are the best of the best heroes in Epic Seven. The tier list only contains information such as Element, Class, Rarity etc.

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Ultimate Tier List (PvE Tier, PvP, Abyss, Boss Hunt)

These are the most suitable characters for any part of the game in PvE, PvP, Abyss, and Boss Hunt. The ability of these characters offers the best possible damage to opponents, ensures good health and offers buffs for an evening out other characters. What makes these characters really is that many use AoE-damaged attacks that help a lot in combat.

These are the characters you want to keep in your lineup if you have them.

Hero RarityExplanation
Arbiter Vildred5-starThe fastest skill cooldown does not transpire when an opponent is taken down using his skills. The second skill can reconstruct his health HP, also attaching 100 per cent Combat Readiness and Complete Focus
Vildred5-starSuitable for releasing waves of monsters utilising his Ultimate and influenced skills. It can be used for growing and straightening heroes, particularly on Banshee Hunts.
Tamarinne5-starIdol Mode provides the team with Boost Attack and Battle Readiness. It has a full purify of debuffs when Idol mode is begun.
Blood Blade Karin4-starShe can Impersonate a large stat boost as Health reductions. She can reclaim health utilising her first skill proportional to the damage dealt. She awards an extra turn when her Ultimate kills an opponent.
Achates4-starShe can dismiss debuffs from all associates and also grant Invincible buff to a partner. She is an immeasurable substitute for a tank. The first skill of her can strike Decrease Attack debuff toward opponents
Lena3-starHer passive skill can improve Critical Hit Chance and present Boost Attack and Battle Readiness buffs to herself. Cooldown does not take place when an opponent is beaten by her Ultimate
Challenger Dominiel4-starShe can boost the Combat Readiness and impart Critical Hit Chance buff to all partners. Her damage improvements are equivalent to critical hit.
Ravi5-starShe has impressive sustain due to her first skill that consumes Health. Moreover, she can also be a more frontline fighter due to her second skill.
Ken5-starHis damage dealt boosts equivalent to the maximum Health (HP) of the hero. It can additionally be a Tank and DPS unit and a strongest Defense Breaker.
Aramintha5-starThe Aramintha can easily Force Stun and Burn debuffs to opponents, and her second skill is a programmed trigger it goes active when an opponent has a Burn debuff.
Seaside Bellona5-starShe can automatically stimulate a skill when Focus is ricked up to 5, and she can also use the Defense Break and Unhealable debuffs against the opponents.
Charles5-starHer second skill can dismiss all buffs to an opponent. The first skill can initiate his second skill repeatedly when applied. Grants extended Attack and Defense to all partners in the combat
Blaze Dingo4-starShe drags him into Dual Attacks for more extra heals, she can Provoke opponents aside from targeting him, and her S3 cleanses ailments from the crew, masking his weak point.
Iseria5-starShe has 150% critical hit damage, and with her skill Refined Flower she can discharges swords at the opponent, with a 35% chance to lower Defense for two turns.
Martial Artist Ken5-starThe Martial Artist Ken can easily deliver AoE Defense Break on opponents in the battle arena. Moreover, he has a 100% possibility to Counterattack when overwhelmed with a Critical Hit
Guider Aither4-starShe can inflict debuff on opponents, and she can also Grant Barrier for himself after striking to the enemies. Moreover, she Heals all partners and grant Continuous Healing buff
Krau5-starHe can Confer enhanced Defense to all partners and can also Provoke opponents using his first skill. Karu can also use Ultimate has Penetrate effect and its damage is equivalent to caster’s lost Health
Roana5-starRoana has passive skills and can enhance the Combat Readiness of the team. She can also Recover the Health of partners when overwhelmed by an extra attack, counterattack, or Dual Attack. Moreover, she can also give Barrier and Revive to all team
Sol Badguy5-starHe can give 100% damage to the opponent in the battle. His has extra turn mechanic and self-contained synergy as the strength and in the weakness he has little use of PvP and hard counter by certain boss in the game.
Diene5-starShe has a light of the judgement, blessing of the goodness and saint prayer. Ultimately a valuable hero and her buffs can be united with different artifacts to continue healing to her skills in the battle
Clarissa4-starShe can deliver Bleed and Lower Defense debuff to opponents. She can also release Attacks with extra AoE Damage when an opponent is smashed.
Judge Kise5-starShe can impose Defense Break on an opponent using the first skill. It can also dismiss a buff from the opponent and boost enemy skill cooldown when her Ultimate is applied.
Luluca5-starShe can enable boosted Defense and Barrier to all partners in the team. Her first and ultimate skill can cause a defence break on foes.
Angelic Montmorancy3-starHer second and ultimate skill has a slight cycle of cooldowns, and she can dismiss one debuff to the team members. Moreover, she can also Imparts Immunity buff to an ally in the combat
Dizzy5-starDizzy can easily cause many debuff skills to the team. All her skills is an AoE attack which can be helpful in the battle
Kayron5-starHe has Immortal Will that pleasure not let him die for a definite number of turns in the combat. When beating an opponent using his Ultimate skill, he can easily increase any buff given to him. His first skill can become an AoE Attack when buffed.v
Sez5-starThe first skill can stimulate his enduring when the opponent health is less than 50 per cent, and she can exact Unhealable debuff She is an a great DPS hero for Wyvern Hunt
Vivian5-starThe Vivian ultimate can give improved Attack and Immunity for three turns in the battle. She is an impressive cleave hero due to her second skill, which can be enabled three times.
Doris3-starShe can give continuous heal and expanded Defense buff for the entire team. She can also Strike Decrease Hit Chance debuff to an opponent
Silver Blade Aramintha5-starThe second skill is an automated trigger when an opponent has a Burn debuff, and it can easily force Stun and Burn debuffs to the rivals in the battle.
Bellona5-starFirst skill damage is based on the opponent’s maximum Health (HP). She can stimulate her Ultimate repeatedly if you stack 5 Focus. She can also Strike AoE Defense Break to the opponent in the combat.

Top 5 Heroes of Epic Seven Tier List

These are some of the best and strongest heroes in epic seven. You can know about them in deep information to understand their strengths and weakness without having a hassle.

Arbiter Vildred

A high level powerful and flexible hero, Arbiter Vildred. He has both offensive and defensive abilities and plays a major role in every context of the game.

Arbiter Vildred is able to strike two enemies simultaneously through the Sweep skills. The ability to use Dark Contract makes him, after a lustful hit, 70 percent healthy. If their focus and readiness of fighting by Vildred are both 100%, he will then be willing to execute his ultimate.

Arbiter Vildred and Charles are the main characters in Group S+. It has the best skills in the game and the best characters in Epic Seven are well-known.

This can happen every five turns. The ultimate skills of Arbiter Vildred were Dark Blade, which attacked all enemies and caused massive damage. If the Dark Blade capacity kills any opponent, its cooldown is reset, and you can use it once again. Arbiter Vildred’s drawbacks are his low defence, which makes him vulnerable to all heroes, but still very useful at the moment.


In Epic Seven, Bellona is a female ranger of Earth. The damage caused is equal to the overall health of the enemy if it attacks the enemy with a fan.

If the caster is more than 5 then the concentration is lost and the razorwind fan is enabled. By waving a fan, Bellona can attack the enemies as well. The more numerous the opponent, the greater the harm it causes.

By producing a strong wind blow, she is able to counter all her enemies. There is a 65% risk that their safety will be reduced over two rounds. The damage is increased with the Burn effect. But for a cooldown which is six flips, it will take some time.

Bellona is a lovely and powerful character for PVE action, and PVP is very important to her, as she can blow the monster and her bosses due to her AoE Defense breaker. The character for the new players is excellent and helpful.

epic seven list
Epic Seven Tier List


Soul Weaver Ruele of Light is useful to both PvE and PvP. A single target can inflict harm and also heal an ally with the lowest health, which is the key to an Oath skill attack.

Damage is proportional to the maximal health of Ruele and the recovery is proportionally increased to the maximum health of the ally. The light column has a cooldown of 3 turns. This capability assists Ruele of Light in dissipating all debuffs on the target allies, restoring health and giving two turns a barrier.

Ruele of Light essentially has the light upwards that has a cooldown of 5 flips. This ability revives one dead ally and offers invincibility for one turn.

 This ability revives a dead ally and gives invincibility for 1 round. And all debuffs on the live allies are eliminated and invincibility is granted for one turn. In PVE and PVP which gives the players enormous benefits, this capacity is significant.


She is an outstanding fighter with a dynamic skillset in terms of her strength. She can easily able to use two of his Ultimate in the second skillset. Moreover, the Ultimate skill has a Penetrate effect which avoids the opponent’s defence.

She also has an impressive DPS for the Golem Hunt. However, she also has one weakness which is she cannot able to strike the AoE attacks.

In terms of other features, she has Fire Element, Warrior Class, 6 Grade, and Critical Hit Chance. Cermina has outstanding skillset including Playing with Fire, Hot Streak, All-in and many more.

Martial Artist Ken

The Martial Artist Ken is an excellent warrior and best to use in the team to get the glory without having a hassle or second thoughts. Moreover, His strength is the following, Ken can dismiss AoE Defense Break on opponents along he has an absolute 100% counterattack when attacked with a critical attack.

In terms of the skillset, he has Knockout, Dragon Flame, and The Coming of Ausra along with specialties it has +6% reward bonus. He is a Dark element hero with a Warrior Class type.

Epic Seven Walkthrough

The Epic Seven is a 2D RPG game for android and iOS devices. The game has a variety of characters as you explore the game through the adventure mode which is brought to life with anime cutscenes that details the entire game story along with particular characters and certain attacks.

Moreover, the game has only few loading screens which makes this game stand out from other mobile RPG games. Epic Seven has the gacha system same as Fate/Grand Order (FEH) and Granblue Fantasy. In which gamers can randomly summon heroes to join the party.

The combat centers throughout a side-scrolling map with freak and boss battles that contribute to turn-based combat with a diversity of skill sets.

Each hero skill permits players to acquire souls, which lets players summon strong guardians or utilize the Soul Burn mechanic to expand their hero attacks. Epic Seven also emphasizes a sanctuary that produces currency, a summoning point that provides re-rolls, map exploration, Hero equipment, and much more

You’ll find that in S-tier there are only a few heroes, but many are scattered in levels A to C. This shows the excellent balance of Epic 7. It loans players the agency different strategies to develop their party. If you want to go ahead to the end of the game. It is advisable to make this page a bookmark to let the latest updates.

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