Reason Why Aielieen1 is Banned from Twitch

Aielieen1 is one of the popular Twitch Streamers and her news recently start trending in social media. Because she got banned from Twitch due to her activities during the live steam the violated Twitch’s terms and conditions.

The accident took place on November 3, 2022 when Aielieen1 is live streaming on her Twitch account because of showing explicit material during the live broadcast to her viewers.

Similar to other Twitch accounts that get banned, the Aielieen1 account also gets only a few hundred just before getting permanently banned.

Aielieen1 banned

Some of her viewers posted on Reddit that she is playing with herself in the live stream that has 5k viewers. However, in reality, steam picks only 300 views.

More likely it’s propaganda to promote other social media accounts of Aielieen1 such as Twitter, Instagram and more.

More importantly, it’s not new that any of these situations happen on live steam on Twitch. For example, Pokimane well known Twitch steam also comes in news because of her Wardrobe Malfunction activity during the live stream.

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