Animal Crossing How to Earn Miles

Pulling weeds and fishing for debris can be stressful in real life, but in Animal Crossing, even the most mundane jobs are made enjoyable through incentive systems. Nook Miles are a currency in Animal Crossing that can be gained by accomplishing activities relating to common duties on the once desolate island.

Such as visiting friends, cutting down trees, and successfully collecting bugs. Here are the quickest and easiest methods to earn Nook Miles in Animal Crossing to ensure gamers receive the most bang for their dollars.

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How to Earn Miles In Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing, there are two primary ways for players to acquire Nook Miles. The first is to strive toward long-term goals that earn more Nook Miles, while the second is to do short single-task jobs that normally yield less Nook Miles.

Long-term successes that provide Nook Miles are centered on the most fundamental duties in Animal Crossing, gradually increasing the criteria to serve as milestones for the player. Here are some of the chores that players should prioritize in order to assist the island develop:

  • Angling for Perfection – Catch fish
  • Island Ichthyologist – Catch unique fish types
  • You’ve Got the Bug – Catch bugs
  • Bugs Don’t Bug Me – Catch unique bug types
  • DIY Tools – Craft tools
  • Rough-hewn – Chop wood from trees
  • Fossil Assessment – Gets fossils assessed
  • Greedy Weeder – Pull and sell weeds
  • Pick of the Bunch – Sell fruit
  • Go Ahead. Be Shellfish! – Sell shells
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There are also ordinary Nook Miles assignments that players will receive for the first time they do something. Here are a few simple single-task that might help gamers rack up Nook Miles quickly:

  • Rock-Splitting Champ – Break a rock
  • Bona Fide Bone Finder – Find a fossil
  • Island Shutterbug – Take a photo
  • Edit Credit – Edit passport
  • First-Time Buyer – Buy an item
  • Seller of Unwanted Items – Sell an item
  • No More Loan Payments! – Pay off the first of home loans
  • Faint of Heart – Get attacked by a tarantula or scorpion
  • Lost Treasure – Shoot down a balloon and have it fall into the water

That’s how to earn Miles in Animal Crossing as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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