Animal Crossing How To Plant Flowers

Flowers are a delightful way to infuse your island with vibrant colors and charm in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With a plethora of flower breeds and colors to choose from, players can create their own floral haven. If you’re feeling adventurous, cross-pollination can even lead to the creation of hybrid flowers. Just remember to keep your trusty Watering Can within reach for those daily hydration rituals!

Exploring the World of Flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Flowers and Flower Breeds in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Upon your arrival in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, planting flowers is an excellent way to introduce a burst of color to your island. As you explore and start scaling cliffs with your ladder, you’ll notice wildflowers of various breeds taking root. These eight flower breeds are native to New Horizons:

  1. Cosmos
  2. Hyacinths
  3. Lilies
  4. Mums
  5. Pansies
  6. Tulips
  7. Roses
  8. Windflowers

Growing these flowers not only adds aesthetic value but also contributes to increasing your island’s star rating. Be cautious, though, as trampling through them can result in the destruction of delicate petals.

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Acquiring Flower Seeds in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In the initial stages of your adventure, you can purchase flower seeds from Timmy at Residential Services. Once Nook’s Cranny opens, you’ll have access to a variety of flower seeds in different breeds and colors.

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These seeds offer an ever-changing selection, from red tulips to yellow pansies. A single pack of flowers costs 240 Bells, but buying a batch of five will set you back 1,200 Bells.

Cultivating Your Flower Garden

Planting flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a straightforward process. Open your inventory, select the flower seed bag you wish to plant, and choose the ‘Plant’ option.

Ensure you stand on or near the desired spot for your flowers to bloom. To nurture them to full bloom, make use of your Watering Can, unless, of course, it’s raining. It typically takes around three to five days for your flowers to flourish.

Once in full bloom, you can utilize them in various ways: attracting bugs, selling them, incorporating them into DIY recipes, or simply using them as decorative elements. Picking the flowers won’t harm the plants, and watering them ensures that they will bloom again in a few days. However, neglecting to water them can hinder their growth.

Relocating Flowers

In case you aren’t satisfied with the placement of a flower, grab your trusty Shovel and dig it up. You can move flowers at any stage of their growth cycle. These uprooted flowers will be stored in your inventory, allowing you to sell, store, or replant them elsewhere. Unlike relocating trees, there’s no need to consume any fruit or coconuts to perform this action.

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Unleashing the Magic of Crossbreeding

For players seeking more exotic flower variations than those found at Nook’s Cranny, crossbreeding is the path to follow. To embark on this botanical journey, first procure parent flowers, ensuring they are of the same breed as the desired hybrid flowers. Crossbreeding takes place on a 5×5 grid, with each flower or empty space for a flower occupying one square.

Allow your flowers to grow, diligently watering them daily. Eventually, hybrid flowers will sprout in the vacant spaces you’ve left. Once fully grown, use your Shovel to dig them up and replant them anywhere on your island. Opt for a dedicated area for crossbreeding to avoid accidental crossbreeding or construction interference. Fences can be handy to demarcate flower patches and prevent unintentional hybridization.

The World of Hybrid Flowers

Hybrid flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons refer to special flower colors that can only be obtained through cross-pollination. Each flower breed has several hybrid variations, necessitating specific combinations of flower colors for growth. Additionally, certain mystery islands accessible via Nook Miles Tickets may yield hybrid flowers.

Below, you’ll find a list of hybrid flowers, including the required flower colors for cross-pollination:


  • Black: Red + Red
  • Orange: Yellow + Red
  • Pink: White + Red


  • Blue: White + White
  • Orange: Red + Yellow
  • Pink: Red + White
  • Purple: Orange + Orange
  • Orange and Pink Hyacinths can also be bred by cross-pollinating them with themselves.


  • Black: Red + Red
  • Orange: Red + Yellow
  • Pink: Red + White


  • Green: Purple + Purple
  • Pink: Red + White
  • Purple: White + White
  • Pink and Purple Mums can also be bred by cross-pollinating them with themselves.
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  • Blue: White + White
  • Orange: Red + Yellow
  • Purple: Blue + Blue


  • Black: Red + Red
  • Orange: Red + Yellow
  • Pink: Red + White
  • Purple: Black + Black
  • Orange and Black Tulips can also be bred by cross-pollinating them with themselves.


  • Black: Red + Red
  • Blue: Red + Red
  • Orange: Red + Yellow
  • Pink: Red + White
  • Purple: White + White
  • Red + Orange
  • Red + White
  • Purple
  • To obtain Blue Roses, first grow Red* Roses through one of their three methods. Cross-pollinate these to create Blue Roses. Watering a Black Rose with a Golden Watering Can transforms it into a Gold Rose.


  • Blue: White + White
  • Pink: Red + Orange
  • Purple: Blue + Pink

Flowers serve various purposes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, from wearing them in your character’s hair to gifting them to villagers. They can also attract a variety of bugs and be used in DIY recipes, including decorative items like cushions and wreaths.

The Cosmos Wreath, for instance, can adorn both the interior and exterior of your house.

As you dive into the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, remember that flowers are more than just decorative elements they are living, breathing, and evolving symbols of your island’s unique charm and character.

Whether you’re cultivating a serene garden or experimenting with hybrid blooms, the world of flowers is a delightful aspect of this beloved game that continues to captivate players around the globe. Happy gardening!

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