Are Hogwarts Legacy Quests Time Sensitive?

Hogwarts Legacy has many quests that players can take part in, which is one of the things that make the game quite interesting.

If you’re like most players, you want to explore the main story of a game before taking a look at the side quest. Therefore, it can be a real bummer if these quests are time-sensitive. Are Hogwarts Legacy quests time sensitive? Keep reading to find out.

Are Hogwarts Legacy Quests Time Sensitive?

Are Hogwarts Legacy Quests Time Sensitive
Avalanche Software

If you’re a part of the Harry Potter fan club, you don’t want to miss out on any part of Hogwarts Legacy.

However, most players have to deal with the occasional fear that some quests might be time-sensitive, and they’ll miss out on the fun if they don’t attend to it immediately. Luckily, we’ve discovered that you don’t have to worry about that.

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Are Hogwarts Legacy quests time sensitive? The simple answer to that is no. No quests, main and side, are time sensitive in the game. This means you can blaze through the main story first and then backtrack to explore the side quest available in the game.

No need to replay a chunk of the game every time just to play a side quest you thought you missed out on. You can simply abandon side quests, which will automatically be reassigned as the game progresses. When you’re ready, all you have to do is go back to them through the grey shield icons on your map, and you can take them on. 

What Causes Quests to Go Missing?

While you now know that the answer to the question ‘Are Hogwarts Legacy quests time sensitive?’ is no, you might be wondering why you have missing side quests in the game.

While no side quests expire or disappear in Hogwarts legacy, some are season-sensitive. You must get to a particular season before they can be unlocked.

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 If you abandon them and they go missing, the season has passed. However, once the seasons turn over, the side quest will reappear, allowing you to visit it when you want. Seasons in the game move along with the school year. Therefore, the accessibility of these quests is time-based on the season. 

How to Abandon Quests in Hogwarts Legacy

Since we’ve made it clear that the developers at Avalanche Software didn’t make side quests time-sensitive, and you can do them whenever you prefer, you might want to pause some of the sides quests you’re currently on.

If you’re on a side quest you don’t like, you must abandon it through your Hogwarts Legacy settings and then return when you’re done with the main quest.

To abandon a quest, you must stop interacting with the characters that can trigger the side quests. If you’ve already initiated the quest, then you just have to abandon the quest path, and you’re good to go till you’re ready to pick it up again. 

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Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it comes down to how you want to play Hogwarts Legacy; you can choose to play the side quests alongside the main story, making the playthrough much longer.

However, you can opt to finish the main story first and then attend to the side quest later. Now that we’ve answered the question ‘Are Hogwarts Legacy quests time sensitive?’ check out our Hogwarts Legacy guides and learn ways you can improve your gameplay.