Can You Change the Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy?

Difficulty levels have always been present in video games. It offers more challenges to hardcore players and simpler options for those looking to experience the game’s story.

Hogwarts Legacy is no different, with various difficulty levels determining the challenge of combats and how you use spells and potions.

If you’re looking to dial things up and wondering, ‘Can you change the difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy?’ you’re in luck. This article will cover all you need to know.

Can You Change the Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy?

If you simply want to experience the magic of Hogwarts Legacy, then the Story mode would help you accomplish this. The combat is less expensive in this mode, and you can focus on the magical wizarding school. However, if you’re looking for more, you can choose from different difficulty levels. 

Can you change the difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy? Absolutely! If you find the challenges too much or think it’s too easy, you can simply adjust the difficulty to either change the stakes of the fight or take on tougher challenges in Hogwarts Legacy.

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There are four difficulty levels for players. Therefore, you can make the game as easy or difficult as possible. Below are the four settings that are available in the game. 

Change the Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy
Can You Change the Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy?

Story Mode: This mode is perfect for players who prefer a narrative-style experience. If you don’t want to bother about the combat and other aspects of Hogwarts Legacy, then this mode is ideal.

Easy: This is very similar to the story mode. However, it offers more challenges in combat and many more areas. The emphasis when playing in the easy mode is usually on exploration rather than challenges and quests.

Normal: This mode is perfect if you want the narrative-style experience while still completing various challenges. It perfectly balances the story and combat mode.

Hard: This is the highest difficulty level in Hogwarts Legacy. It is perfect for players who want to face hard challenges at every turn. If you’re an avid Harry Potter fan, you’d probably prefer this difficulty level to others.

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Choosing your difficulty setting should be easy, and with many options available, you’re sure to find a level that’s just right for you. Hogwarts Legacy is quite similar to other games.

Therefore, you can choose your difficulty level right at the beginning of the game. You don’t have to fret about choosing the right level immediately, as you can always change the existing setting along the game.

How to Change the Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy

Now that you have the answer to the question, ‘Can you change the difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy?’

You’re wondering how you can successfully change the settings. Luckily, you can change your settings mid-game whenever you want. All players have to do is follow the steps outlined below.

  • Start by hitting the pause button and then choose the gameplay option afterward.
  • You’ll find the difficulty setting near the top of the screen. Once you select it, a drop menu will appear.
  • Now, you can choose your difficulty and press play to continue your game.
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Hogwarts Legacy allows you to move up and down the difficulty settings. It’s ideal for anyone stuck on a challenge in Hogwarts Legacy who wants to move up. You can also follow these steps to increase the game challenge when you get used to the game.

Final Thoughts

Although most games don’t allow you to change your difficulty level once you start the game, Hogwart Legacy does.

The freedom of choice that Hogwarts Legacy offers ensures you don’t feel too much pressure while playing the game. Following the steps above, you can change your difficulty level whenever you want.