Elden Ring: Ash of War: White Shadows Lure Location, Guide

This article covers all information related to Ash of War: White Shadows Lure Location along with a user guide. The Ashes of War can be obtained from an invisible beetle that leaves snow tracks. You have to explore the forest south of the tree and you may also find another Silver Beetle that contains Ashes of War.

In this Elden Ring guide, you can find the location of White Shadow’s Lure, Ashes of War and how to find it. We’ll also cover some additional Ashes of War and when you can use them as a bonus.

What is Ash of War: White Shadow’s Lure?

Elden Ring Ashes of War can be applied to a variety of “common” weapons throughout the game, usually limited to a specific weapon category or categories. Each weapon also has a default ability that will replace Ashes of War, and some of them can only be used with certain weapons.

ash of war: white shadows lure location
ash of war: white shadows lure

In the Ashes of War menu, you will get more options for choosing weapon abilities. White Shadow’s Lure from Ash of War provides both occult affinity and the White Shadow’s Lure Skill.

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Weapons and shields can be outfitted with Ashes of War to change a skill or piece of equipment, or to apply affinities that change scaling values.

The White Shadow’s Lure Skill and the Occult inclination are gifts from Ash of War to an arsenal. To cast a white shadow, players must hold their weapons in a short and say silent prayer.

The apparition draws the animosity of human-built enemies who are not engaged in fighting. Even if demi-humans are already in battle mode, it still works on them.

How to find White Shadow’s Lure Ash of War?

It is dropped byan invisible dropper beetle, Teardrop Scarab into a consecrated snowfield, to the northwest of the inner consecrated snowfield, which is also a Site of Grace. The Teardrop Scarab can be located by heading northwest from the Inner Consecrated Snowfield and crossing a river.

White Shadow’s Lure
White Shadow’s Lure Ash of War

To enter this location (if you haven’t already), you must obtain the Haligtreee Secret Medallion (Left/Right). The Inner Consecrated Snowfield’s atmosphere and low visibility make it challenging to locate the Teardrop Scarab.

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But, the scarab is followed by a pack of five wolves, who make magnificent white tracks in the snow wherever they go. The band of wolves that hunts this treasure bug around makes it simple to locate.

You can use a pack of wolves as a landmark to locate the Teardrop Scarab nearby if you take note of them in the vicinity. Short-range weapons and fast-paced weapons pair well with This Ash of War.

White Shadow’s Lure Elden Ring
White Shadows Lure

Note that once you’ve selected War Ashes for a weapon, you won’t be able to use it on any other weapon as it is now exclusive to that specific weapon you’ve selected.

You have to go to the place of grace to use the whetstone and then you can change your default Ash of War weapon to another one. You can reuse War Ashes by unequipping the item and re-equipping it for another weapon of your choice.

With the help of this Ash of War, you can travel fast across the battlefield, engage in close combat, or deflect particularly dangerous blows.

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