Fia Questline Walkthrough | Elden Ring Guide

Elden Ring has lots of questlines that you need to complete in order to progress in the game. There are lots of NPC characters and merchants in the game that help you out. One of the NPC characters in Elden Ring is Fia the Deathbed Companion.

You need to need to complete the Fia questline to progress in the game. After completing the Fia questline you will get rewards such as D’s Armor and Weapon, Radiant Bladachin’s Blessing, Mending Rune and Fia’s armor.

Here we featured a Fia Questline walkthrough that helps you to know how you can easily complete the questline without having much hassle.

How To Complete Fia Questline | Walkthrough

When you reach the Roundtable Hold you will find Fia in her own room next to the Blacksmith Hewg because she is a Deathbed Companion. Interact with Fia she will give you a hug along with Baldachin’s Blessing. It will offer a boost on the Poise else the ability to not flinch.

FIA has some requests that you need to complete in order to start the Fia Questline. She will ask you to return the Weathered Dagger to its owner and that is D, Hunter of the Dead you will find it on the center table sitting on the chair. Once you return the dagger the next part of the quest will start.

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D Hunter of the Dead is Dead

D is dead elden ring

After resting on the site of grace you find the Fia with the D’s dead body in the room behind the Blacsmith. Collect the D Armor and interact with Fia. More importantly, if you’re doing the Rogier quest then you need to hug Fia and she will give you the map of the Black Knifepoint. However, this does not include anything with the Fia quest.

Get The Cursemark of Death

get the cursemark of death in elden ring
godwyns corpse offshoot

After talking to the Fia near the D copse Fia she will disappear and after that you will find it at Deeprooth Depth where she will ask you to bring the Cursemark of Death.

So before going to the Deeprooth Depth you can get this team. In order to get it you need to go to the top of the Divine Tower in Liurnia.

Go to the Deeprooth Depth

Once you obtain the Cursemark of the Death you need to go to the Deeprooth Depth and defect the Fia’s Champions. Once you defeat the FIA’s Champions you can then interact with Fia.

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Radiant Baldaschin Blessing Elden Ring
godwyns corpse offshoot

She will give you hug along with Radiant Balachin’s Blessing a stronger Poise it does not reduce your health when you hold it keep interacting with her Fia will ask you to bring the Cursemark of the Death after getting the Cursemark of the Death to Fia then reload the area and then go the Site of Grace and after resting.

Fia is Seeling

Enter Fia beathbed dream elden ring

After reloading the area you find Fia is sleeping you need to interact with Fia to choose the “Yes” option when asked, “Do you want to enter into Deathbed Dream”.

godwyns corpse offshoot

Once you interact with the Fia you will be redirected to fight the Lichdragon Fortissax. The Lichdragon is a kind a dragon creature to win the battle you need to keep striking on its legs and wings he has lot of melee attacks so you can easily use the attack and defence fighting style to win the battle.

Lichdragon will drop the Lichdragon Remembrance that gives you two certain incantations that help you to increase your Dragon Cult.

Mending Rune of the Death Prince
godwyns corpse offshoot

You can collect the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince from the Fia when you again interact with her. This item will help you to unlock the ending in Elden Ring.

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Give D Armor To His Brother

give d armor to his brother in elden ring
godwyns corpse offshoot

After that, you need to give the D, Armor to his brother you can find his brother near the Valiant Gargoyles’ boss arena in Nokron at Site of Grace in the Sofria Aqueduct.

Fia is Dead get the Fia Armor

Fia armor elden ring
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To complete the Fia questline you need to return to the FIA again at Deeprooth Depth there you find his armor set next to her with D, Brother who killed her to take his brother’s revenge.

Inseparable sword in elden ring
godwyns corpse offshoot

Reload the area again and you will get D’s Twinned armor set with Inseparable Sword. After killing Fia D brother leave all things behind.

Video Guide: For better visual information do watch this below video.

This is sum up for the Fia Questline guide for more helpful content do read our Elden Ring Guides.

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