Elden Ring: Where Does Fia Go After the Roundtable Hold?

There is an enormous diversity of characters who contribute to turning you into the Lord of Elden within the Ring. FIA is one of the NPCs determined inside of Roundtable Hold.    

She is the Deathbed companion who will give you debuffs in order to give more boosts using the consumables from the Baldachin Blessing. As she hugs and embraces you, your Fitness is reduced by using the 5%.

But this consumable additionally gives a 35% bodily harm negation for a transient time. To not crush Lore anymore, she left Roundtable Hold following some changes to the D and Rogier. But were you able to spot her for an extra hug? Yes! So, here`s our manual on wherein Fia moved and wherein to discover her in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Overview

Elden Ring is a darkish delusion movement role-gambling game (RPG) via way of means of FromSoftware, creators of the wildly famous Dark Souls series. It speedy shot to the pinnacle of many “maximum anticipated” lists upon display at E3 2019, specifically because of Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin`s involvement.

How to Find Fia in Elden Ring?

There`s a robust hazard you may have encountered Fia already, however, if not, she may be placed sitting upon a mattress withinside the room simply beyond the blacksmith on the Roundtable Hold. The first time you talk with her, she’ll ask if she will be able to preserve you.

Fia location elden ring

If you compromise on this, she’ll come up with Baldachin’s Blessing, which is consumable in an effort to be introduced in your Inventory. Consider eating this as early as possible, as it will incur a 5 according to cent penalty in your Vigor which might not be eliminated till you have used it.

Where Does Fia Go After Leaving the Roundtable Hold?

You have to have Eternal City`s Nokron to be had to tour to, that is simplest feasible after defeating General Radahn. You can discover Fia in Deeproot Depths. To get there, from Grace’s ancestral woods location, just go north until you hit every other Grace location near some buildings.

Look under the rafters, then descend upon them to reach inside the buildings. You can comply with the Spectral Jellyfish toward this destination.

There is a waterfall withinside the vicinity wherein the Twin Valiant Gargoyle boss combat is. You will defeat them to get via to the vicinity. This is likewise the spot wherein D`s more youthful brother may be found. If you provide him the Twinning Armor, the tale quest for Fia will give up for the reason that he’s going to kill her.

After defeating the Gargoyle bosses, cross beforehand and you’ll encounter a coffin which you may trip in case you get in it. You will attain Deeproot Depths on the give-up of the trip. You will navigate the vicinity of the usage of the tree branches as support.

You will discover a Finger Reader rapidly after, at the side of a Site of Grace. Keep heading forward, otherwise, you might stumble past any enemies and mini-bosses that may appear in that area until you reach a site called the Crossing the Roots. 

You will quickly encounter a Tower withinside the Nameless Eternal City that has enemies a good way to burn you alive in case you get close. You can attempt to attain the balcony at the facet via way of means of leaping at the department there after which touchdown at the ledge. Rest up on the Site of Grace earlier than entering, for the reason that you may meet Fia`s Champions withinside the chamber past the

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find my FIA again?

Fia can sleep while you are relaxing at the Grace, and she has the “Touch Fia” prompt while you are interacting with her. Doing this opens a whole new option: Enter a deathbed dream. Doing so takes you to a brand new example of Fia`s arena, man with the aid of using the large LichdragonFortissax, an undead, crimson lightning-wielding dragon lord. Defeat him.

How do I get FIA ending?

To reap this ending, you`ll want to have finished the Fia Questline and the Ranni the Witch Questline to the factor in which you get hold of the statue to invert Carian Hall. This will let you use the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince as a substitute for selecting to Mend the Elden Ring after the very last boss battle.

Can you find FIA again Elden Ring?

Fia may be determined on the Roundtable Hold and later once more after defeating Fia`s Champions in Deeproot Depths.

Should you hug FIA Elden Ring?

It`s additionally really well worth bringing up that Fia will hug you each time you want. If you used the Blessing and determine you would like another, simply head returned and communicate to her – she’ll be satisfied to oblige.

What happens in the FIA ending?

Fia is a Deathbed Companion who you first meet on the Roundtable Hold. Following her questline will subsequently lead you to the Deeproot Depths in which you may conflict LichdragonFortissax.

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