Atlas Fallen How Long to Beat

Atlas Fallen’s length differs based on a lot of elements, such as how much time you put in completing side missions and your own fighting proficiency. Speaking of which, another factor to consider is the game’s complexity.

Whether you play Unnamed Story (Easy), Gauntlet Bearer (Normal), or Thelos’ Scourge (Hard), your time spent in Atlas Fallen will be considerably increased or decreased. Before the game’s release, here’s all you need to know about how long it takes to defeat Atlas Fallen, including how long it takes to complete the game completely.

Atlas Fallen Tips
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How Long Does it Take to Finish Atlas Fallen?

The game will take 15-20 hours to complete for those who are simply interested in how the narrative pans out. It has a variety of missions that move players through numerous locales within the universe of Atlas Fallen.

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This will, of course, be modified by player experience and the difficulty setting chosen during the game, since the harsher difficulty settings will present significantly more difficult wraith and monster encounters. 

Atlas Fallen’s guiding system, which informs players exactly where their next objective is and eliminates much of the guessing, is one component that will make this shorter than some other popular RPGs on the market.

The new side tasks and errands in Atlas Fallen will add around 10-15 hours of playtime to the game for completionists. Those seeking to complete all potential missions should budget between 25 and 35 hours of total game time.

How Many Main Quests Are There?

To progress through the storyline of Atlas Fallen, players will need to complete a total of 13 main quests which are;

  • The Essence Caravan
  • Away From the Sun’s Eye
  • The Path to Bastengar
  • Reforging the Gauntlet
  • From Beliefs to Trust
  • The City of the Sun
  • A Bridge from the Past
  • The City of the Sun (2)
  • The City of the Sun (3)
  • The Power to Reach Thelos
  • A Source in the Swamp
  • A Source in the Ruins
  • The Battle of Gods
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That’s how long it takes to beat Atlas Fallen as I’ll see you in the next guide.