Wild Hearts: How to Unlock the Harpoon

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How to Unlock the Harpoon in Wild Hearts

In Wild Hearts, you can get your hands on the Fusion Karakuri by triggering the Flash of Inspiration. To do this, you have to find a specific monster called Kemono and use their special move. This is what allows your character to combine Basic Karakuri to create something unique and useful.

But before you begin with your strategy, make sure you have the right Basic Karakuri and enough Thread needed in the game. During the fight, when the Flash of Inspiration appears, press the prompt button to make it work accordingly.

If you miss your chance or accidentally cancel it, you’ll need to start from the beginning and follow the guidelines all over again.

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Here is the procedure on how to unlock one of the Fusion Karakuri called the Harpoon:


You can easily get your hands on the Harpoon by combining Spring & Stake during your fight with Amaterasu Kemono. This powerful weapon will allow the hunter to easily attack both ground and flying monsters with the highest damage.

So, this is how you can unlock the full potential of the Harpoon.

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